Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lo Bellissimo di Giorgio Armani!

Giorgio Armani is a true maestro of fashion. He has the power to transform an ugly duckling into either a beautiful swan or a handsome cygnet. From sexually-charged evening wears to well-cut and tailored men suits, he successfully made the entire world in love with him.

Combine the ultra-luxurious fabrics, coherent male silhouettes and detailing with precise calculations, the outcome is the new Giorgio Armani Menswear Fall/Winter 2007-08 Collection that was presented at Milan Fashion Week for Menswear early this year.

A collection of designs rooted in true luxury, it has created a sort of revolution in male dressing universe that includes new conducts, attitudes, allusions, and references that is way far from the past eras where male tailoring are built based on prescriptive codes and total stiffness, thus avoiding the sense of fun and enjoyment in the art of dressing up.

The new style that can be simply summarized as "Simply Armani", it is a gathering of clothes made of sturdy and concrete polyester
in Amani's micro pattern, weathered and crumpled nylon paired with opulent linings, velvet printed like leather, or leather treated like velvet – and the collection’s fluid form fitting comfort (defined in signature overcoats) combine to create the intrinsic awareness of luxury repeating the wearer’s self declaration and authority.

This collection pairs sportswear with an imaginary male character of the Thirties – the decade when modernism became a part of every day life – in a provocative and occasionally eccentric manner. There is even a hint of the charismatic Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio as seen in those unforgettable portraits wearing a high collared shirt and a dark fitted jacket.

The casual refinement and elegance that returns all the way through, for instance in the velvet jacket in light mineral shades featuring a shawl collar and combined with a pair of dark trousers were some of the minor excesses that communicates the adventurous sense of balance.

In other words, the new look that Armani created does not have to be labeled in order to have its message, which is the breaking of conventional dressing style for men, to be delivered to the universe.

The Giorgio Armani Menswear Fall/Winter 2007 Collection will be available at all Giorgio Armani stores, select multi-brand boutiques and departmental stores worldwide starting this September. At the meantime, Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2007 Collection for men and women are already in stores.

*Photos by Marcio Madeira for

Giorgio Armani - Lot G02 A/B, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

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