Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Visit My New Home :D

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Hi everyone,

After four consecutive years purveying you with the hot and the latest news in fashion world, Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia has moved into a new home. What's more, I've also renamed the blog from Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia to Fashion Heaven Rants, since people are more familiar with Fashion Heaven rather than its mouthful former name.

But don't fret because even though Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia will remain as an archive, the spirit of the blog will always prevail at Fashion Heaven Rants. Therefore, please drop by when you're free and don't forget to leave your comments as well.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

We're Closing Down (Temporarily)

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Hi all,

Due to the the incessant spamming activity occurred, we'll be closing down this blog for a while and we shall return with a spanking new look soon. Thank you so much for your support since the last four years.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey There ...

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Oh dear, for the consecutive time, I am so sorry for not updating this blog. Reason being, my magazine has just been launched last month and currently, I am finishing my third issue, before starting out with January and February issues.

Ah yes, like they say, no dreams are too small and all it takes is plenty of hard work and creative minds to achieve what you want. Well, I've been working and toiling almost seven days a week non-stop since last September, and although the first issue turned out to be quite disastrous (with wrong credits being applied to the wrong clothes sold by wrong retailers. Horrors!)

It did not determined me to keep on working on the second issue. Thank God, the response that I had received so far was positive, and I can't deny receiving bad responses too, but I try not to give a damn because we can't please everyone most of the time.

With my business keeps me tied to the workstation, I rarely have the chance to attend events these days. And to be honest, due to my business, I also didn't shave for weeks. Hahaha, funny right? Nevertheless, that is what I call the labor of love and this labor of love is the only reason that keeps me alive and breathing. So, for you readers out there, I do have a small favor to ask and it's simple - can you go to your nearest bookstore or newsstands and get a copy of MODÈLLE magazine?

Why? As a new magazine, it is essential for us to gain your support as it will guarantee our survival in this competitive market. Without strong support from you, there is no doubt a magazine will survive by the time it reaches its third month. Thus, that explains how important it is for you to support MODÈLLE. And before I forgot, kindly be advised that MODÈLLE is not the upgraded version of MODELS Magazine. MODÈLLE is conceived with my both hands and it has nothing to do with that tasteless publication.

I guess that's it for now. If there is a knack of free time in the future, I will return to the fashion blogging scene once again and it's a promise. Take care :D


Thursday, October 01, 2009

La Reine de Seduction ... Fendi SS10 Ready-to-Wear

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There’s nothing much to say about Fendi’s spring/summer 2010 lineup. The styles are almost the same as the previous spring/summer offerings – seductive and timeless. But the good thing is, they’re getting more feminine these days.

Playing with the subtle hues of ecru, ivory and off-pastels mixed with hints of red, orange and yellowish green, the show was presented to Fendi coveters and supportive media members in a transitive way.

The show started with a lineup of clothes bearing the basic silhouettes. Almost everything was done using sheer fabric, except for an iridescent belted dress with long skirt.

Amidst the conventional and clean shapes, designer Karl Lagerfeld has added some hints of understated quirkiness such as the mini paper bag skirt with slim self-belt in a darker tone, translucent chiffon shirt-like cape with standing collar, ecru jumpsuit with graceful butterfly sleeves and a skirt in grapefruit hue with heightened pleated front. There were a couple of looks worn with bra tops, bringing forth nuances of a woman’s sensuality.

In the second set, I can hear Lagerfeld’s message to women all over clearly. He’s likely trying to confide them to embrace their sensuality and forget about their problems and yes, the bad economic situation. Just get into the dresses or ensembles and play.

Here, he injected hints of the French flair with darker mood and a heavy dose of sensuality; possibly reinventing the dark, sombre image of the legendary Black Widow. Entirely swathed in black, the silhouettes are ubiquitously sexy and feminine with lots of transparencies.

Outstanding all-black pieces that stole fashionistas and fashion critics’ attentions were little black dress in bundled paper silhouette with cinched waist and straps; transparent chiffon collared mini dress with long sleeves paired with matching bra top and sporty shorts; full-skirted belted shift with matte and sheer over-layering bodice worn with a string bra top, and an ultra sheer tie-front blouson worn with furry black bolero and black string bra, plus a high waist shorts in earthy brownish tone.

Towards the end of the show, the palette gradually shifted from black to the subtle hues of ecru, ivory and off-whites with French boudoir-cued styles. Again, dresses were either detailed with cutouts or simply sheer while two-pieces ensembles were fashioned according to the post-war lingerie styles.

What is my favourite pick from this line? Definitely the silky halter neck mini dress with chiffon train detail and worn together with feather-shearing long-sleeved bolero, just as seen on supermodel Abbey Lee at the show finale.

And what Fendi would be without its infectious line of accessories, right? Well, for the next spring/summer, keep your eyes on these must-haves: leather Peek-a-boo bags with gold hardware, high-heeled strappy platform sandals with silk straps, slim belts with key-holed wooden buckles, cuffs studded with semi-precious stones in wooden tones, and most importantly, Plexiglas box clutch that looks like a spitting image of a finely cut diamond.

Fendi’s spring/summer 2010 collection will be available at all Fendi stores and selected department/multibrand stores worldwide early next year.

*Photos by Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse/

Fendi – Adorn Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur; Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gucci SS10 Ready-to-Wear ... A Sci-Fi Meets Cultural Experience

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When I first saw Frida Giannini’s spring/summer 2010 womenswear collection for Gucci – sci-fi bodycon silhouettes with properly positioned cutouts, shiny slick back hairs, aviator shades and strappy sandals, I immediately thought of Rihanna. Amber-Rose? I guess not.

Yes, I can’t deny that Frida must have been thinking of Rihanna, who had previously modelled for Gucci Tattoo collection ad campaign early this year when she designed the line.

Staged to international fashion critics and buyers at the recent Milan Fashion Week, I have a strong feeling that this collection would once again successfully reprise her success sans any doubts. Be it the working colour palette, the tribal Ikat pattern, and the edgy body-cinching silhouettes, everything looks so perfect. Even the cutouts too are tastefully done and not extremely graphic like Cavalli to say the least.

The show, which was opened by model Natasha Poly, saw the collection being unveiled in a tonal way. The white collection, featuring white dress with short sleeves and numerous cutout details, three-piece sportswear and intricately detailed shift just to name a few, led the runway parade.

From white, the gradient gradually changed to grey with über-chic maillots (one worn with cuffed skinny trousers) and body-conscious dress with graphic cutout details on the bust and shoulders made the main highlight. What’s more, Frida also created some cutout-free pieces and ensembles for women who have little or no courage to flaunt those sexy curves such as a two-piece suit made of high-waist pants and halter top.

However, nothing ignited the fashionistas’ hype more than the printed line of sinuous dresses and tops perfectly matched with plain ensembles. Deriving her inspiration from the traditional Ikat textile, which is commonly found in the Indonesian island of Lombok, the printed collection boasts a superb mixture of traditional patterns, psychedelic spring/summer colours (think pink, orange, blue and pink) with hi-tech silhouettes. Oh, don’t forget the strategically positioned cutouts too, which are apparent on the dresses.

According to my prediction, pieces that will certainly top most fashionistas’ ‘most-wanted list’ next season will be strapless mini Ikat print dress in orange and grey combination with intricate details on sides; short-sleeved bodycon top with round neck and cutout details on shoulders paired with skinny cuffed pants and adorned with horse bit detail; black and white Ikat pattern halter dress with elaborate halter neckpiece and Gucci’s classic and silhouette-flaunting long black evening dress with beaded side cutouts.

To complement the Gucci goddess looks, slip your dainty legs either into the knee-height sandals with zigzag cutouts or one of the meticulously designed strappy sandals and covet those slouchy bags.

Gucci spring/summer 2010 womenswear will be available at all Gucci stores and selected department/multibrand stores worldwide early next year.

*Photos by Marcio Madeira/

Gucci – Level 2 and 3, Couture Pavilion, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur; Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back On Stage ... L.A.M.B SS 2010

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Why do I hate celebrity designers (not to be confused with celebrity fashion designers)?

One of the obvious reasons I can tell is that their lines are often comprise of pieces styled after their personal styles, and not according to what people covet and would like to wear. Well, I can’t blame them for doing so because, after all, people are always gaga to look and to live like their favourite stars.

After being on hiatus from the fashion world for quite a while (did anyone see her at the last NYFW early this year? I Bet no one did), Gwen Stefani is back on the New York Fashion Week scene with fresh lineup made for the forthcoming spring/summer season.

Drawing her references from the African and eighties styles, I can see some, if not a lot of visible differences on the new collection. For instance, I see more edginess, especially on the tops, where Gwen smartly convert shirts into 80’s de rigueur off-shoulders, loose fitting silhouettes and more contemporary prints application, rather than extremely tribal.

As usual, the L.A.M.B working palette consists of black and white, with nonchalant hints of pop shades such as electric blue and burnish orange, the earthy salmon pink, yellow toned down to a paler shade, and the classic grey.

Though you might not see a single hint of Jamaican Rasta such as the tricolour hues (think of her L fragrance bottle and carton design), you can still feel its unparallel presence in some of the relaxed spring/summer pieces, highly notable in the semi-tribal prints, loose halter neck top, and sculpted vest worn with blue bra top underneath, and a baggy three-quarter denim bottom.

And for spring/summer 2010, fans can look forward to dresses and skirts with shorter hemlines, leg-hugging long pants, lacy leggings, as well as the voluminous harem pants.

To ensure you have perfectly channel Gwen’s trademark laidback but chic styles, don’t forget to pair your L.A.M.B must have pieces with cool modernist print printed hobo handbags, lofty loaf totes in tribal African prints, and a slouchy shoulder bag in beige suede.

L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani’s spring/summer 2010 collection will be available at select departmental stores and multi-brand stores worldwide early next year.

*Photos by Marcio Madeira for

L.A.M.B at TriBeCa – First floor, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Seen on Carrie Bradshaw ... Jee Vice shades

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Hear ye, hear ye Sex and the City fans … our beloved city girls (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte) are back at the locations, filming the movie’s second sequel.

And despite autumn is heading to New York and the rest of Northern Hemisphere very soon, the girls have been spotted in their nonchalant summer pieces while shooting scenes.

As usual, all eyes are on the styles and there is lots of good stuff waiting to be paraded or sashayed by the girls in the new movie. And spotted in one of the scenes, where Sarah Jessica Parker as her on-screen alter ego Carrie Bradshaw sported bohemian chic tiered mini dress in purplish blue or cornflower blue with, well here’s the best part, a Jee Vice shades!

Okay, I know everyone is going ‘huh’ right now, since not every one knows what Jee Vice is. So, here’s something that I get from their website. Jee Vice is a sunglasses brand from France and has been decorating stylish women eyes since 2003. Hand designed in France and handmade in Italy, Jee Vice designs are inspired by influential designs of the 50’s and up to the 70’s.

“I want to give with Jee Vice a new way for women to feel their power through their look,” says founder and designer Philippe Vergez. “I wish to inspire the desire to love and live their passions, to fully commit themselves and elevate the perception of the contemporary woman.”

To date, lots of celebrities have pledged their allegiance to Jee Vice and they include singers Duffy, Christina Milian, the Pussycat Dolls; actors Anne Hathaway, Rosanna Arquette, Lindsay Lohan and Katherine Heigl, as well as world-renowned socialite/model/entrepreneur/whatever Paris Hilton. Even her pop majesty Madonna was spotted wearing one of Jee Vice creations called the Black Dyslexic in a few tabloids and magazines.

However, no matter how many exciting different styles they have in stores for you to covet, I am fully assured that many Sex and the City die-hard style emulators are going to stampede into optical stores and get Heated in orange, as seen on and worn by, who else if not the leading lady and Queen Bee of Sex and the City the Movie 2, Sarah Jessica Parker!

Made as part of the Revolutionary Correct collection, which is the premier line, Heated is really sexy and mirrors the pure style of today’s contemporary woman. What’s more, it is also a unisex shades and a perfect compliment to your laidback eternally summer style.

But if Heated is not your cup of style, then go for the oversized and vintage-inspired Red Hot (as shown above). Alluring and luxurious, the shades, which is available in multitude of hues aside of red, reminds me of classic beauty such as the legendary burlesque star Dita von Teese.

So, where to get them? Currently, I have no idea which optical store or optometry that carries this brand locally. But if you are planning to fly to Hong Kong for some retail therapy, you can get a pair or two of Jee Vice’s marvellous shades at O-O Shop and Puyi Optical chain all over the city, or buy them online at Jee Vice’s online store or Heated retails at US$170.00, while Red Hot at US$250.00 each.

*Photos courtesy of and Décor My Eyes.

Jee Vice at O-O Shop – Level 2, Pacific Place Seibu, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: 852 2971 3870.