Friday, April 13, 2007

Cher wants a slice too ... on fragrance market

While the young, fun and pretty celebrities are vying for spots on the fragrance counters and concessionaires worldwide, it is unknown to this part of the world, legendary pop icon Cher did it so many years ago, and now she returns with another fragrance to woo her fans, young and old. In 1989, while at the peak of her career as a rock star, the diva released her first fragrance called Uninhibited.

A sellout among her fans in the States and Europe, it was relatively unknown here in Asia until now. The perfume was created by Cher as a dramatic, show-stopping and daring fragrance for women of all age. The stopper of the bottle was inspired by a pair of earrings that she wore while acting in the movie "Witches of the Eastwick". Though there is not much information on the scent combination - base note, middle note, top note - the perfume was discontinued in 1998.

Last January, Cher went to New York to shoot the commercial for her second fragrance and the name of the fragrance is yet to be named. Anyway, Britney, Jennifer, Hillary and Gwen have to beware because Cher's upcoming fragrance will give them a run on their money but don't worry, the competition will, as always, be healthy.

The new fragrance from Cher will be in stores around North America sometimes within this year, followed by the rest of the world soon.

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