Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch Out For ... Jovian Mandagie

He is yet to be on the same level as one of his favorite designers, the enfant terrible John Galliano of French's most venerated fashion house and couturier Christian Dior but Jovian Mandagie has what it takes to be one of Galliano's future successors.

Counting singer/actress Ning Baizura, celebrity deejay and the big boss of Malaysia's Radio ERA, Kudsia Kahar, and TV host Yasmin Hani as his loyal fans and muses, these ladies could not get enough of this wonder child.

Born in Indonesia and raised in Malaysia, Jovian's involvement and interest in fashion began at a very young age. Influenced by his family's thriving cosmetic business that goes hand-in-hand with his vision - to make every women look and feel beautiful - and growing up commuting between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta enhanced his perception of fashion by experiencing the best of both metropolitan cities and the rich heritage possessed by both countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Fashion Design major, Jovian once turned down internship offers from big players in the international fashion industry such as Laura Ashley and Eric Way.

With a deep passion and interest in acquiring the age-old techniques and exploring new interpretations in constructing the Indonesian kebayas, he chose to do his internship under Ivan Gunawan, one of Indonesia's top designers to date.

Like many designers, Jovian too has his own style of designing, known as the 'Malindo' style. The eclectic designing style is apparent in all of his designs, from traditional ethnic-inspired Kebaya to funky fashion statements such as the dresses that he created for Ning Baizura, Yanie and Nikki under the theme 'leather and denim' at last year's Anugerah ERA 06, one of the prestigious award show that celebrates and appreciate music in splendor and grandeur. Before, his big break came after he was commissioned to design outfits for Indonesian pop group Ratu.

His ability to blend fresh, young ideas with a matured sense of fashion that goes beyond his years, plus the intricate embroideries, beautiful cuts and feminine fabrics used within the designs have resulted a twisted conventional style that is wearable and flattering.

At the moment, the designer has successfully marketed his couture wedding gowns and formal outfits through his own label, Jovian Mandagie. He also has since expanded his business by opening a studio workshop.

Early this year, ERA radio presenter Linda Onn was supposed to wore a creation that she and Jovian had worked hand-in-hand at the world's most anticipated annual event, the Academy Awards or the Oscars to report from the red carpet at it's Hollywood venue.

Due to some unknown factors, last minute changes were made and the creation failed to see the daylight. At the same time, Linda too did not appear to cover the assigned event as scheduled.

Even so, it never deters him from creating more and more masterpieces and to date, his creations have appeared in several publications in Malaysia and Indonesia, apart from being seen at award shows and social functions. And of course, now it is every Malaysian and Indonesian woman's dream to be dressed in Jovian Mandagie, just as how they tend to dream of being dressed in Roberto Cavalli.

*Photos courtesy of Jovian Mandagie.

Jovian Mandagie - 95, Jalan Telawi Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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