Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Welcome Hunters ... The New Cult-Brand Store in LA

Summer is coming to an end and the wardrobe needs to be renewed. Tired of the same old brands and wanting an adventure in dressing up? Head to Los Angeles's latest cult-brand store Welcome Hunter.

Located in LA's Chinatown and surrounded by art galleries, the store is the first designer store ever opened within the block and for those who are familiar with the European cult fashion scene, you'll be thrilled with the delectable offerings made by Welcome Hunters to adventurous fashion connoisseurs like you.

At the moment, the boutique is the sole distributor for a number of European cult brands in the US, namely Kokon To Zai from London, whose designs are eye-catching and uniquely psychedelic, contemporary and classic mix creations of Swedish designer Jenny Hellstrom from Scandinavian fashion capital Stockholm, Copenhagen's best behavior and Babbu to name a few.

For jeans lovers, you will be happy to know that the store also stocks jeans from cult brand Earnest Sewn, a hit among Hollywood celebrities and staunch fashionistas with deep faith in premium jeans, Brave Star Denim as well as James Jeans. For accessories, indulge in the contemporary yet quirky beauty of jewelries and accessories from Jour du Nil, Babbu, and Kokon To Zai.

Must buy accessories are a pair of 1 1/2" heels in fuchsia adorned with blue frog prints designed by Kokon To Zai, Jour du Nil's turquoise necklace, and Babbu's Clown Girl pocketbook with Clown Girl appliqué. For clothings, I suggest you to invest in Iben Hoj's dropwaist dress, Jenny Hellstrom Fia Stereo printed shift top, and a pair of good breeches from best behavior.

The Fall/Winter 2007-08 collection will arrive in September and the store is planning for an event to introduce the new collection. So if you're visiting Los Angeles for that usual dose of shopping trip, don't forget to stop by at Hunters Welcome and pick a dress or two. But if you're running out of time for traveling then visit its online store and feast your eyes on the extensive selection.

*Photos courtesy of Welcome Hunters.

Welcome Hunters - 454B, Jung Jing Road, Los Angeles CA 90012 USA.

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