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Soaked in Unique Style ... Lush Icons

Here I am at a sexy French cafe, reading and flipping pages of fancy French mag with a glass of iced lemon tea and fresh tuna croissant sandwich.

Passing by are avid shoppers holding shopping bags of various colors and sizes, and wearing oversized sunnies as if they were t
he reincarnations of late Jackie O. Behind me were a group of ladies enjoying their bottles of Orangina (so French!) and a couple of fruit tartlets.

Even though they were enjoying themselves, one of them started whining about how tired she was dressing in mainstream labels. She could no longer taking it and she wanted a new set of cutting-edge, understated, and quirky set of wardrobes and accessories that reflects her true personality. This is totally a common dilemma among young girls who refuse to replicate their mother's penchant on big fashion names (think Dior).

Well, if you are in the same situation and looking for solution, Lush Icon is right answer for you. Leave all your fashion woes behind because Lush Icon offers you a selection of fashionable delicacies that's too hard to resist. Founded by two sisters Pooi Ching and Rachel Khiew, the idea surfaced when the sisters were tired of the generally apathetic services and sterile environments offered by the local retail scenes.

Soon the siblings began to create a blueprint of a new yet exciting
retail concept which combines welcoming and vibrant atmosphere with fun and friendly services. Thrown into the package as well are attractive couture pieces debuting for the first time in Malaysian fashion scene.

Such innovative retail idea is then realized and christened as the Lush Icon.
Among fashionable labels that you'll be hard to resist at the Lush Icon are stunning couture pieces from Spanish fashion illustrator turned designer Jordi Labanda, fashion wunderkind Karen Walker, Singapore's Hansel, Nice Day and Nice Things from Spain, Aussie's Tribu accessories and Californian chic Dogeared Jewelry.

To international fashion and art connoisseurs, Jordi Labanda needs no further introduction and the sight of his illustrations are obviously seen in many international publications such as Tatler, Wallpaper and even the US VOGUE.

Born in Mercedes, Uruguay, Labanda lived in Barcelona, the Spanish artistic capital since he was three. In 1993, he began his career as commercial illustrator after
completing his studies in Industrial Design, followed by global media exposure two years later. Working in gouache on paper, his illustrations depicts classic modern characters and settings lavish styles that reflects a new concept of modernity.

Today, his portfolio expanded to various types of products including ready-to-wear, accessories and couture pieces. Must buy from Jordi Labanda are alluring graphic tees featuring his infamous feminine illustrations, available in a plethora of colors.

Unpretentious and highly original styles are trademarks of Karen Walker designs. Born in New Zealand, Walker's designs are inspired by the "outsider" culture and combines the best of tailoring and street wear to create a unique set of high-casual fashions.

At the same time Walker's creations is a collection of extremes - masculinity and femininity, luxury and non-luxury, street and tailored - all bounded together to produce exciting couture pieces that exudes exuberance and amazement.

Among celebrities who are frequently spotted wearing Walker's crea
tions in the spotlight are Icelandic singer Bjork, Aussie's award-winning actress Cate Blanchett, singer/actress/entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez, model/actress Liv Tyler and the ultimate mother of reinvention, pop queen Madonna, who were all have pledged their allegiance to the comfort of Karen Walker's couture.

If you are an avid fan of Six Feet Under, Charmed, or The O.C, the sight of Dogeared Jewelry should be an inevitable one. Handcrafted with loving care from Venice, California, Dogeared Jewelry are quirky and full of excitement.

From funky earrings in dipped gold and sterling silver, circle necklaces, house blessings (a decorative item to bless the house by hanging it within the house) to even shopping bags with peace symbol and description of Karma printed on it, as they said, there's everything for everyone from Dogeared.

Other hot stuff that should give any established names a run on their money are ready-to-wear pieces from young Singaporean brand Hansel which is exclusive to the store, girlie tops and accessories with embellishments and graphic prints from Nice Day and Nice Things, two separate labels produced by Intermalla Group of Spain, and last but not least, embrace the Australian heritage to your style with Tribu's line of hip accessories.

Word has it that Lush Icon is bringing in another Spanish illustrator-turned-designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada into their range of labels. Known for her audacious fashion illustration, de la Prada's collection reflects her vivacious and eccentric side of her. You will fall in love with her fashion range once you see them, believe me!

Ready to dump those old-seasoned clothes from the world-dominating names for the understated luxe? Well, do whisked yourself off to Lush Icon to experience the new style of retail therapy.

*Photos courtesy of Lush Icon, Jordi Labanda, Karen Walker and Dogeared Jewelry.

Lush Icon - M-23, Mezzanine Level, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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I've been searching for another dogeared retailer since goodness knows when. love their work-lah! glad to know there are people who pays attention to them. thank you for the heads up. i'll make me way to avenue k asap. happy 2008!