Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2008 ... A Countryside Romance

I really missed Carolina Herrera's floral printed gowns in white and red last fall.

That was to me, the most amazing printed gown I've ever seen and though the print still graces her latest spring/summer 2008 collection but it still can't beat the one from the last season.

For fall/winter 2008-09, the mood is romance with the countryside. A rich and luxur
ious countryside that is. Think of Madonna and Guy Ritchie spending their weekend of hunting rabbits, foxes, pheasants, and partridges within the vast hunting ground of their English manor in the outskirts of England. The collection is filled with togs made out of lush fabrics like tweed, organzas, plus yards of crinkled pchiffons.

Staged at the tent, Bryant Park to fashion editors, celebrities, and buyers alike, Herrera started the show with model Karlie Kloss, all in a true hunting mood, dressed immaculately in windowpane plaid (which reminds me of Coach's Tattersal lining to be honest) suit with riding boots and dark brown velvet hunter hat adorned with a pheasant feather atop of it. This is followed by Irina Kulikova in waistcoat of the same material, worn under a velvety marabou-trimmed vest, black jodhpurs and boots.

Gowns and evening dresses are absolutely fluid and made using lots and lots of chiffons, either plain or printed.

One of them, a dark brown floor-sweeping gown worn by Magdalena Frackowiak is beautifully paired with a fur-trimmed tweed vest top and matching hat with pheasant tail feather detail (a predominant feature in Herrera's fall/winter accessories lineup).

Next, model Catherine McNeil astonished the fashionable crowd with superb chiffon-and-satin dress with feathery details in black and red earth tone on the shoulders.

If Jodhpurs ruled Roberto Cavalli's collection last season, expect it to rule at Carolina Herrera this upcoming Fall. Either in plaids or rich velvet, it is the another fall/winter must have this year.

Another eye-catching piece from the collection would be the magnificent satin evening gown with tulle sash on the waist and adorned with pheasant tails as well as tweed jacket with printed inlay and fur-trimmed collar worn over zip-front knitted sweater and a pair of shiny velvet jodhpurs and riding boots.

Closing the show is up-and-coming model Suvi Koponen immaculately dressed in metallic gray strapless evening gown with a waistcoat in damask embroidery that looks just like the damask print appeared on Herrera's last season collection.

Carolina Herrera herself looked amazing in simple white shirt and short gray belted skirt with purplish muffler wrapping around her neck, appearing to the cheering crowd at her show finale.

Carolina Herrera's fall/winter 2008-09 collection will be available at Carolina Herrera New York boutiques as well as selected retailers starting end of August or early September while the spring/summer 2008 collection is available in stores now.

*Photos by Marcio Madeira/style.com

Carolina Herrera at Club 21 - 01-02, Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore.

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