Thursday, April 10, 2008

Edun ... Fashion with Conscience

Now lets solve this style chemistry riddle. What would you get when one part of rock n' roll and one part of punk rock mixed with inspirational influences from Berlin Weimar culture of the 1920's and Art Nouveau? You'll get Edun, a fashion brand made with conscience.

The modish brainchild of U2 rock star and social activist Bono, Edun was created to provide fashionistas of the world with beautiful clothes made in an ethical way. It also encourages long-term sustainable employment in the developing world with the sub-Sahar
a African region as their main focus.

When we touched about ethical fashion or fashion with conscience, the image of clothes made out of hemp or organic cottons would immediately conjured inside our minds. Like other eco-friendly fashion labels in the market, Edun uses hundred percent organic cotton on its t-shirts.

According to its FAQ, Edun also used organic materials for its ready-to-wear collections whenever possible and of late, half of the spring/summer 2008 collection collection was made using organic materials, with fabrics sourced from Turkey, Peru, Uganda, and India.

Talking about spring/summer 2008, this season's collection took its inspiration from the six degrees of dusk.

Plush materials such as cottons, linens, and silks are beautifully blended into lightweight camisoles, tunics, slip dresses, and shirt dresses while luxurious and fluid shift dresses and blouses are perfectly paired with fine cotton knits and decorated with stylish trimmings.

Vintage lovers will lo
ve organic cotton dresses and silk twill camisoles splashed with vintage-inspired prints that are signature to the brand. Giving the pieces their ethereal appeals are the use of haunting hues inspired by the dawn and dusk such as black, night shadow, dawn, twilight pink, phantom, and heather gray.

For denim fans, straight-leg Sage and Boot cut Monarch jeans in new washes (Eve, Nymph, Nightshade, Zephyr, Crystal, and Raven) are absolutely must have pieces.

In menswear, military elements are eclectically combined with the influences of rock n' roll, eerie shades of sunset and sunrise namely black, gray, ether, Nightshadow, Phantom, and Asteroid taupre hues created a mishmash of superb pieces.

For the denim section, slim fits such as the classic straight leg Meteor, slim Odyssey, workwear Galaxy pants, and boot cut Asteroid with lacquered buttons, zippers, and fig leaf detailing appealed to the most discerning denim aficionados.

And of course, what would a mens' wardrobe be without lots of tops. Graphic tees are Edun's must have from the menswear top side. Other fashionable tops also include classic cardigans, crewnecks and also hoodies, all created using woven pima cotton and mercerized jersey.

Besides the main line, you can also check out its Edun ONE line.

What's special about this line is that, for every tee sold, $10.00 will be chanelled to the ALAFA fund, a fund which aims to provide medication aids to factory workers in Lesotho and their family members who are affected with AIDS.

Edun's spring/summer 2008 collection is available now and retails from as low as US$50.00 to US$400.00. Apart from Edun's online store, Edun clothing line is also available at selected retailers around the world.

*Photos courtesy of Edun.

Edun at Fred Segal - 420 & 500 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

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