Friday, May 30, 2008

HUGO BOSS Opened with a Blast!

If there is one suitable word for me to describe the Hugo Boss party held last Wednesday, it would be real immense and energetic.

Thrown by Hugo Boss and its Malaysian partner the Melium Group as to commemorate the official opening of its latest and biggest duplex flagship store in Southeast Asia, it was absolutely the event that everybody wanted to be, especially the die-hard fashionistas of KL and all over Asia.

A truly exclusive event
, only a handful of guests and media members were invited to the event. Fortunately, well, I don't really want to sound real vain but the truth needs to be told - I am one of the lucky ones who were invited to this veritably prestigious event of the year. I also waited for my dear Mansor, highly hoping that he would show up at this event but to no avail, he didn't ( I learned that he didn't receive any invitation. Sounds curious to me.).

As early as 8.00, guests have already thronged the launching venue, which happened to be outside the store and opposite the J.W. Marriott hotel and the typically vehicle-infested Jalan Bukit Bintang. Red carpet was laid out and the VIP path was illuminated with classic Asian lanterns bearing Boss Hugo Boss logo.

While in the midst of mingling around and taking photographs, guests were served with delectable gourmet hors d’oeuvres from Hilton KL and lots of bubblies to keep that high spirit.

Of course, as usual air-kisses are always included. At the same time, more and more guests began to arrive, including the founder of Melium Gr
oup herself, Dato’ Farah Khan arriving in her own creation, a golden sequined evening dress.

A couple of minutes later, the arrival of guest of honour, HRH Tunku Laxamana Tunku Dato’ Seri Utama Naquiyuddin Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar Al Haj and wife, Tunku Nurul Hayati, was announced. Proceeding towards the store's outd
oor entrance or also known as the main entrance, the officiating ceremony took place.

Witnessed by more than 200 guests that evening, Hugo Boss's flagship store is now officially opens its doors to its customers. By 9.30 p.m., guests made their move towards the after party spot, located at the J.W. Mariott hotel. Together with Natasha Kraal, the editor-in-chief of Harper's BAZAAR, Magie Abang Saufi, Camelia, and BAZAAR staffers - writers Andrea Wong and Tanya Loong, we crossed the road and made our way to the party of the year, which was third floor up.

Finally, the lift opened and we're there - The Third Floor Restaurant. Illuminated with candles and black rectangular boxes bearing Boss Hugo Boss logo in white, we walked into the party site and sneaked into the room of temptations - the dessert area.

Tucked just right behind us, the space would mean heaven for those with big sweet tooth. There were large jars of macaroons, with one made of Lavender, and a table spread with lavish desserts probably equivalent to what Marie Antoinette had when she was alive, and as the Queen of France. Since temptation is something so hard to fight, and since there were less people here, I decided to take that opportunity by sampling whatever the chefs have to offer. Mmmm, yummy!

Later, we made our way to another end of the space to enter the VIP space but too bad, access denied. Guests kept flowing in and me, along with Roth from Astro and his colleague Brandon were stuck.

Luckily we were stuck close to the kitchen where all the food came, and what else would you do when being closer to the source of that lovely supper? Just take it off the tray and eat them while they're still hot! And boy, talking about their food, I must say that The Third Floor Restaurant did a great job by serving us excellent food.

Besides the tempting dessert, I even had seconds on its alfredo-styled pasta, juicy and tender pot roast beef, and yes, slices of roasted chicken all washed down with flutes of cooling bubblies, overabundant everywhere within this hallowed space.

The traffic gets heavier and more people were rushing into the after party venue. On the other side of the veil (yes, there were veils to separate the VIP and non-VIP guests area), the spring/summer 2008 fashion show commenced.

Even though we did not get to see the whole show from start to the end (I only managed to catch a glimpse of it at the end), the sumptuous delicacies and the lavish bubblies made me forgotten all about it. Done with the fashion show, the deejay spun the beat and the party has just begun.

Everyone got on their feet and dance. Lina Teoh, Stephanie Chai, and Camelia were among those who enjoyed themselves to the max by dancing to the groove. Even some of the VIP guests were spotted dancing too, having the best times of their lives.

And my oh my, I even met Denise Keller from MTV Asia, flown to KL for this special one-night affair. So down to earth and beautiful by nature, we took a snapshot and had some little chat together. Too bad she couldn't stay long in KL.

But anyway, the Hugo Boss after party will always be one of the best events of the year I have attended this year. A big heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Dato' Farah Khan and Melium Group, especially Ferhat who worked so hard to make the party possible, and also for being so kind enough to invite me to the event. Thank you!

*Photos by Me.

Hugo Boss - Level 2 and 3, Couture Pavilion, Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

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