Thursday, July 10, 2008

Decadence at its best ... Dior Fall 2008 Collection

As a renowned fashion designer, John Galliano purely lives to his “enfant terrible” or "fashion wunderkind" monikers.

A man whose mind is filled with exceptional creative juice that never ceases to flow, he constantly made us all anticipating and wondering with excitement what is going to happen next at Dior shows, either ready-to-wear or couture runway shows.

Though the wholly eccentric collections presented on stage may lead to a scary idea among conservative fashionistas that those are what they are going to get when they hit the stores soon, the truth is not everything goes in store. Of course, Galliano never blindly designs according to his wild taste. In fact, as a good businessman, he knows what sells or not very well.

As seen on Dior’s official website, missing were clothes in festive prints and Day-Glo colours as proudly paraded on the Paris Fashion Week runway. In are classic chic collection made for the sophisticated lot who takes pleasure in living a refined life. Mixing the best of elite Fifth Avenue chic and timeless New Look, nothing spells ultimate decadence and veritable opulence better than Dior’s Fall 2008 collection.

A true-blue Dior jetsetter day typically starts with a trip to the fashionable Fifth Avenue or here, at Jalan Bukit Bintang for a dose of potent morning coffee or tea with her fellow socialite friends.

Being a lady of genuine posh and style, she takes the liberty to sport beautiful jackets in exotic plush furs of fox, astrakhan, and mink before descending from her black stretch limo.

Underneath the jacket are a thousand and one possibilities. As she walks through the doors of Saks Fifth Avenue or Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon, the elegant crowds passing by begin to wonder what is she wearing beneath her rich egg-shaped coat with mink-trimmed collars and cuff. Could it be a belted straight d
ress with tie collar or with button details? The guessing goes on.

Dusk and seductive moonlight are coming to take over the shift as the blue day skies and the beautiful sun retreat back to their abodes for good rest.

But for a Dior fashionista, the fun has just begun and invites to the best balls and gala dinners in town piling high up to her nose. Now, with her maid on her side, she is busy rummaging her extensive walk-in closet for what to wear next.

A week before, she dazzled the guests of Hearst’s cocktail party with her latest stash from her favourite label Dior – a printed faille flared bustier dress in ‘Chiné medallion’ with handmade roses.

Simply accessorized with a matching straw ‘Bar’ hat in midnight blue and a navy blue suede booties, a stream of compliments were gushing in and made her flattered. Even New York gossip writers could not stop praising her esteemed style in their pages for weeks!

Tonight, she shall reprise her moment of glory again with a good choice of eveningwear.

Alas, she has found what she needs to be the queen of Park Avenue in the eyes of New York glitterati – haute couture-influenced long cotton and faille bustier dress with bell-bottom, draped bust and frills embellishment. Just add some glittery jewels on and she’s off to the party with her dashing prince charming!

Dior Fall 2008 ready-to-wear and accessories collection will be available soon at all Christian Dior boutiques worldwide.

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Christian Dior – UG2, Indulge Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur; HO2, Passenger Level, Satellite A, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 43900 Sepang; Ground Floor, Isetan KLCC, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

2 fashionistas wrote ...:

Nana said...

are the Karenina Dior Bags in KL already??? To be honest, the Karenina bags are not my fav amongst the other Dior bags! Mostly due to the handles! I always prefer a shoulder bag.

My fav is actually the Jazz Collection! Do you know that they are not making alot of bags now. Making the bags more exclusive than ever!!! OOoOOooOO I wish I could get my hands on a Jazz bag! sigh!!! oh well. A girl can dream no???

I love your new background though :D

Nana said...

OooOoo thats interesting. Yeah the zebra and the leopard print are tooo beautiful!! too bad it cost close to 2000 quid! if not memang I dah grab that! sigh!!! I am sooo envious of the people here. They buy dior bags like its MNG bags!!! SOO OVER!!!!!!

Oh well. hopefully someday I'll be able to do the same ... hahahhahahahah!!!