Friday, July 25, 2008

Got Carried Away ... Sex and the City The Movie Premier

I know every girl and woman wants to be in my shoes at the moment ... attending events, brushing shoulders with famous faces with hopes that some photographers from Tatler or Prestige will take our pictures and published them in the upcoming issue two or three months later.

Well my dears, these are what you call perks if you still don't know what it is called. Furthermore, perks don't come rolling and you need lots of hard work to earn what you want. So keep that in mind.

And talking about attending events, well, recently I was invited by my lovely best girlfriends at Maizen to join them and other Maizenistas for an exclusive screening of the most anticipated summer movie of the year, Sex and the City.

Touted as the must see movie of the year, I have been waiting for so long to see the girls again but I never expect it to be on wide screen! Anyway, whoever came with that idea, God bless you! So, as usual, it was a fine afternoon and GSC Signature at the Gardens Mid Valley was chosen as the screening venue.

I was virtually half an hour late and the pre-screening cocktail was on full swing. Since I have mentioned the word exclusive, only a handful of Maizenistas and media members were invited to the event.

Held within the Gold Class 1 of the Signature Cineplex, everyone were up to their nines but not as eccentric as Carrie Bradshaw on her normal days. You know, Dior 'gazette' dress by John Galliano circa 2002 or Chanel oversized brooch worn as headgear for baby Brady's christening. Of course, nobody looked as stunning as Maizen's Shirieene Hajamaideen who showed up at her own event in a beautiful vintage halter dress swathed in rainbow hues.

While mingling with the crowd, I managed to take snapshots of other guests as well as being shot by the photographers. Champagne and juice were abundant, and so were the delicious cocktails like mini chicken skewers, egg-y mousse on crackers, and also mini squiggles (sans the colorful squiggles icing on them).

Present at the event as well was Nori and a couple of VIPs that I barely know their names. At 3 p.m. sharp, we were whisked into the screening hall and oh my God, I can't believe I'm watching Sex and the City the Movie on a sofa, complete with t
hick blanket and pillow. Just as if I'm watching it at home. Unbelievable!

So I sat next to Naomi from Prestige and waited for the light to turned off. Now the lights were off and upcoming movie trailers were screened on the wide screen. Finally, the moment of truth arrived and I was so contented. Retaining the same old style, the movie is not so different from the series.

In other words, it's like combining five or ten episodes in one season and turned it into a one long episode. Of course, the first thing that caught my attention were the clothes, bags, and shoes.

They all spelled madness darling! I almost turned green as Hulk when I saw Carrie's closet with boxes from Dior, Prada, Versace, and not to mention the clothes hanging inside her closet.

So the girls went back together after quite a long time. At the same time, Carrie and Big started their house hunting, which soon leads to a beautiful penthouse. Done with the house, our Ms. Bradshaw moved on with planning her wedding.

At first she wanted to invite 75 people to the party, which was supposed to be an intimate affair. But somehow, thanks to her VOGUE editor Enid, Carrie was given one big task - to model for VOGUE Age Issue - and got a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from the Brit Punk fashion queen herself. As the story goes, she wanted everyone to see the gown and doubled her wedding attendees to 200.

But as you know, there's always a twist in Sex and the City. On her wedding day, something unexpected happened. Oh dear, I've almost disclosing the movie too much now.

Anyway, if you want to know how the story ends, run to your nearest cinemas now and catch a glimpse of it. At six, Sex and the City Movie ended and everyone emerged from the screening room feeling somewhat contented because they finally know the end to Carrie's truncated journey in the last season.

So, a big thanks to Maizen team - Shirieene, Rekha, Shereen, Milla, and Nilam for organizing such a great event and to GSC Signature Gardens for their lavish screening room and good services.

*Photos by me.

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