Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sensuous in the City

Women and sensuality are synonymous and almost inseparable. A potent woman’s arsenal that is invisible to the naked eyes, a man would fall for a woman by these four qualities - her seductiveness, her true love, her sexuality or simply by her sensuality.

To celebrate the meaning of sensuousness, renowned beauty and fragrance doyenne Estée Lauder immortalizes a woman’s desire, passion and most importantly, her sensuality into a bottle of aromatic elixir called Sensuous. A fragrance that lives up to its name, a whiff is enough to evoke the fiery infatuation and her sensuousness within a woman’s heart.

Inspired by four genuine qualities found in every woman – softness, confidence, grace, and strength, the woody amber Sensuous is concocted as a warm, luminous, and truly feminine scent.

At the heart of the fragrance lies the whiffs of molten woods and amber, while the top and the base are made of atmospheric florals, warm hints of pepper and sweetness of honey.

For some zests and juiciness to this feminine scent, hints of juicy pulps from Mandarin oranges were added into this magical scent concoction. Tantalizing the five senses, the Mandarin oranges’ citrusy smell and freshness efficiently laced with the aforementioned notes, thus developing the seductive and evocative scent of Sensuous.

Apart from the intoxicating eau de parfum spray, Estée Lauder’s Sensuous is also available in touch-on fragrance version (apparently sold out online!), silky body lotion and shower cream.

Given the fact that Sensuous was created by Estée Lauder to celebrate the sensuousness of genuine women, Aerin Lauder has decided to come out with a breakthrough ad campaign to commemorate its launch. This time, four renowned faces of Estée Lauder – actresses Liz Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow, and models Hillary Rhoda and Carolyn Murphy – were roped in to forefront the exciting yet inspiring advertising campaign.

“The fragrance concept is about evoking the warmest, most feminine side of a woman and the advertising was inspired by the belief that that women at every age can be sensuous,” says Aerin Lauder on the inspiration behind Sensuous ad campaign. “I was particularly inspired by a great photo of Lauren Hutton in a white shirt from the 1970’s. It was so timeless and beautiful.”

Shot by renowned photographer Craig Dean, the campaign features the models wearing white shirt, which according to Lauder embodies the mystery and universally recognized by the world as a sign of elegance and style.

To evoke the sensuality out of these models, Lauder had the models wear their hair tousled and loose while the makeup is light but soft and yes, sensuous.

Recently, Sensuous was officially launched to the anticipating crowd at the Bloomingdales in New York with Sensuous girls – Paltrow, Hurley, Rhoda, and Murphy – gracing the highly hyped event.

Adding pizazz to the launch, the girls, all impeccably dressed, were also interviewed and being asked about the meaning of Sensuous to them. So, look forward on this space for something exciting and enchanting from Sensuous by Estée Lauder.

*Photos by Estée Lauder

Sensuous by Estée Lauder will be available at all authorized Estée Lauder concessionaires in Malaysia starting August 2009.

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