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Shopaholics EXCLUSIVE ... A Moment with Catherine Deane

In Malaysia, the name Catherine Deane may still sound foreign to most of our fashionistas. But across the globe, Catherine Deane is a sought after ready-to-wear label with strong emphasizes on luxury and true femininity.

Formerly known as Arcangel by Catherine Deane, the label is famously known for its timeless designs developed from antique craft research and her rich aristocratic family’s history. So desirable and seductive the gossamer gowns and sophisticated dresses are, they are often seen on the svelte figures of renowned celebrities and notable fashion icons like Terri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives, Paris Hilton and also Danni Minogue to name a few.

Exclusive to Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia, Catherine shares with us her the idea of a perfect of Catherine Deane woman, her future vision for the brand, and what her fans can expect from the upcoming Autumn/Winter line.

When did you realize that fashion design is your true vocation? Did you find it or vice versa?

I started making my own clothes as a teenager – mostly because I couldn’t afford the things I really wanted or couldn’t find I guess I had it figured out when I was quite young and this naturally led into my career in fashion

What sort of personality does the ideal Catherine Deane woman embodies?

She is multi dimensional – she can be both hard and soft, strong and fragile; feminine but assertive – she lives her life with her eyes wide open, aware of the world around her and looks for beauty and inspiration in everything...she appreciates her blessings and passes her happiness onto others.

Your autumn/winter 2008 collection seemed purely magical with volumes and intricate details. Care to share with us the beautiful tale behind this remarkable collection?

The collection was inspired by the contrasts of light and dark – in both mood and colours - and this was expressed through volumes, drapes, tailoring embroidery and colours – we all embody these things and have different aspects of our personalities which are revealed at different times – I got to express this through the collection - There are always strong historical and fantasy influences in the clothing which give a timeless, classic and romantic feel.

Of all the breathtaking pieces you have created, are there any specific pieces from this collection that you consider as your favourites?

There are always favourites each season; I would have to say this season it is the Eldora dress and the Ellie dress – in fact both where inspired from the same panelled bodice work but executed in completely different ways – the one is lay
ers of gossamer soft silk tulle in gathers and the other in structured Italian wool – I guess again this is about the contrasts – as woman we can feel soft and feminine one day and powerful and assertive the next - clothing can help us express our moods and emotions ....

Another factor that caught my attention is the way you publicize the collection. Instead of heralding the collection via conventional press releases, you did it innovatively with poetry. Why?

I feel so lucky to have a career where I can express myself creatively – through the clothing, shapes, volumes, silhouettes, I do the draping and pattern cutting of all of the pieces, so I work very closely on each dress – this way the development Is more fluid and expansive. Poetry is just another form of creative expression, but through words, and I feel it can be even more powerful then a few lines on why the collection came to be – it sums up a mood, it ignites a vision in the readers mind – and I’m indulging myself.

Now lets move to something tricky. Since the olden days, designers tend to give freebies to celebrities for the sake of increasing sales. With fashion retailing is facing quite a tough time at this moment, do you think such practice is still relevant to the fashion industry?

I think celebrity endorsement will always be apart of the fashion industry – putting beautiful clothes on the backs of beautiful and famous people – it certainly gets peoples attention. So many of the big brands are using actresses over models in their campaigns as it gives the brand personality – and in today’s society it works – people are easily influenced and are looking for role models, so I do think it is still relevant.

So, if you were given a chance to dress one favourite celebrity of yours to the Oscars or BAFTA, who would you choose and why?

Keira Knightley, – she is naturally beautiful, talented and sophisticated.

Last but not least, what can your fans expect from Catherine Deane in the near future? Would there be a signature fragrance or a shoes and accessories line to complement the label’s splendid looks?

Our focus the past couple of years since we started the business has been to get the luxury occasion wear core of our brand well established – now we are looking at product line extensions – handbags for AW09.

Catherine Deane's Autumn/Winter 2008 collection will be available soon at world's best boutiques around the globe. In Malaysia, Catherine Deane label is carried by Aseana KLCC.

*Photos courtesy of Catherine Deane/Arcangel.

Aseana - Ground Floor, Melium Galleria, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

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