Monday, September 29, 2008

The Fatality of Fame ... Tara Subkoff for Bebe

Being famous is purely seductive. Who doesn’t like being photographed by paparazzi; appear in tons of magazines as the cover girl, and yes, indulging in all the greatest parties and award shows on earth.

Oh boy, if you ask me, I am more that willing to part with my soul and sell it to the devil to live that sort of life (although I’m partially living like one).
However, fame could also be lethal. Acting like a virus, it seeps into your veins and mind. At the same time, it also triggers a sort of faux euphoria in you, causing to you to gradually drown without being noticed.

Soon, as the euphoria is over, you started to feel intimidated by your own shadow. You started to hate paparazzi that surround you and start to feel strange. Soon, the world that you created turns into a fading holographic image. This is probably what Tara Subkoff tried to tell her audience in her new short movie called Fame Fatale – how fatal being famous and fabulous could be.

Directed and written by Subkoff and shot in Hollywood, the short celluloid ma
sterpiece is well-seasoned with thrill, intensity, and emotional display. In other words, it’s like watching a real Hitchcock movie rather than an emulated one! Also sharing the writing credit was Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher who co-wrote the movie screenplay.

Apart from that, Lydia Hearst’s performance in the movie was not disappointing at all. Though only a few words were uttered by her character as a famous star at the end of the movie, the way she displayed her emotions were veritably convincing. With a great amount of acting talent and unparalleled beauty she possessed, I bet many film directors will be making a beeline to meet her agent and propose leading roles!

Besides writing and directing the short feature, Subkoff also took the liberty to design the wardrobe herself. Collaborating with San Francisco’s high fashion purveyor Bebe, she created a limited edition fashion line for fall/winter 2008 under Bebe’s DesignLab banner.

Drawing her inspiration from the movie and laced with sensuality and femininity, Subkoff has created an array of clothes and accessories that truly embodies the spirit of a true Hollywood femme fatale – seductive but subtly dangerous.

Predominated by black, each piece is crafted to ooze audacity and charm at the same time. Influence from the past i.e. the 80’s could be traced on the black heavily sequined jacket worn with empire-line mini dress and black leggings.

But if you want to play fashion goddess of the modern day, then the pleated silk toga top may look absolutely perfect. You can wear it either with a pair of trousers, jeans, or perhaps a long pencil skirt to highlight your womanly curves. It is also offered in electric blue.

But wait a second, girls! Before you could storm into the nearest Bebe store to get them, I need to tell you this: the Tara Subkoff ‘Fame Fatale’ for Bebe DesignLab is only available at few select Bebe stores in United States and Canada. But don’t worry; you can also purchase them online at By the way, Malaysia is not on the delivery list. Sigh!

*Photos courtesy of Bebe and taken from Tara Subkoff’s “Fame Fatale” movie.

DesignLab by Bebe – San Francisco Centre, 965 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103; 100, Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10001.

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