Sunday, October 26, 2008

Next Destination? New York!

Now let’s get this straight. I know many of us have been dreaming to get Patricia Field to come over to our house and revamp our wardrobe so that we can dress like the Sex and the City characters season forever.

But British retailer Marks and Spencer got good news for you. They just roped in Pat Field for a special ready-to-wear and accessories collection for this season! A premier collaboration between M&S, one of the essential purveyors to British lifestyle and the New York-based strawberry-haired stylist known for her gravity defying personal and on set styling, the collection is simply called “Destination New York”.

Drenched in New York’s infectious fashion essence, the collection aptly mirrors the styles of our four beloved characters from, where else, Sex and the City.

Furthermore, the birth of this much anticipated off the rack line has abruptly put off the archetypal perception to Marks and Spencer’s clothing choices which is too British-oriented (well, that’s what they say and not me). Oh, I could also see some style hints from the “Cashmere Mafia” wardrobe too on some of the sexy yet provocative pieces.

There are so many styles you can choose from. However, Carrie Bradshaw (or her Cashmere Mafia equivalent, publisher Mia Mason) emulators would be totally surprised with some of the designs that truly resemble some of the avant-garde designer pieces she had worn in the Sex and the City movie. For instance, the statement-making black and gold-accented orchid corsage dress is similar to the white-gold hibiscus corsage dress she wore in the movie, save for the colour differences.

And if you are a fan of Samantha Jones’s ultra provocative yet sultry sense of style, this turquoise dress with dangerously plunging cowl neck is a genuine reflection of the PR maven’s insouciance and charisma. I mean seriously, no one could ever flaunt her sexuality using clothes like Samantha Jones does.

To accentuate that mind-blowing look, Pat Field has stylized it with a unique belt featuring hardware with engraved snakes on it. A tribute to Roberto Cavalli’s predilection with snakes perhaps?

But as usual, never forget the vital part – accessorize. Besides designing clothes, the designer cum stylist too has created an array of accessories for you to; you know, buy or loot from Marks and Spencer.

Choose from that edgy abstract-printed foulard, a feathery oversized rounded tote bag, or just that Cavalli-esque belt itself. In other words, your fashion godmother Patricia Field will constantly spoil you with erratic style choices.

Patricia Field’s “Destination New York” collection for Marks and Spencer will be available at Marks and Spencer Suria KLCC starting next month onwards.

*Photos courtesy of Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer – Concourse Level, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

7 fashionistas wrote ...:

TEE blog said...

Hi Saiful..
Rather exciting isn't, our own Patricia Field collections.. Ahaks. To be honest with you I'm also in the queue early in the morning here in Dublin. M&S store open as early 8am last week, you know what? I did managed grab 2 dresses ala2 Carrie. So happy nie. Bila nak pakai pun I tak tau.. but proudly say I did own it.

Mata Rakyat said...

Beb kau ada tak kontek nombor model ni ke, emel ke, aku nak berkenalan, nak eratkan hubungan silaturahim giutu

Nana said...

OOooOOOoo I have to go to M&S to check this out! hmmm I tell you most M&S clothes are very the very brit!! and A tad bit .. old school! I would really like to see how they change that!

Mata Rakyat said...

Aril tu abang Ezreen

E the Prototype Robot said...

Mark and Spencer KLCC-where I bought tie for my dad!

miss KL!

Mata Rakyat said...

Haha bila kau nak p New York?Kalau kau p belila aku ole-ole kat sana, biarla Made In U.S.A. heheh

E the Prototype Robot said...

Bukit Bintang become Fifth Avenue?
Give me a break,please!

Bukit Bintang even not reaching Orchard Road yet,if you want to talk serious fashion district,Orchard Road is the best in SE Asian.

Can you search any Roberto Cavalli designs?or latest Hermes designs at KL?

Orchard Road,anytime!

If you compare Stephen Avenue in Calgary,perhaps you can compared it with Bukit Bintang.Oh come on,Bukit Bintang can't even surpass King Street in Toronto,now you mention me Fifth Avenue.

And seriously I hate crowded at Bukit Bintang.I prefer to shop at OU or Mid Valley than Bukit Bintang.Or the pyramid outside Egypt or France(Champs d'Elysees glass pyramid,you know,Sunway Pyramid).

Perhaps when I was in Malaysia,my town is USJ Subang Jaya and I simply prefer those three shopping malls than Bukit Bintang.

However,perhaps my perception towards Bukit Bintang change when I heard biggest mall,Pavillion already fill with good stuff.

Any review?Come on,right on my group federation blog!