Friday, November 21, 2008

Début NYC ... New York's Gleaming Fashion Gem

When we talk about shopping in New York, fashionistas would quickly imagine themselves splurging hard-earned cash or swiping Black Amex sans fuss or suffering excessive sweating and anxiety at the stately fashion and lifestyle emporiums that lined the swanky Fifth Avenue.

But for style hunters who prefer to skid away from the lure of mass luxury produce (think of all the Botega Venetta bags you can get at Saks), the Big Apple also has lots of hidden fashion gems waiting to be discovered.

Thanks to the diversity of taste and New Yorker’s hallmarked boldness in experimenting with avant-garde styles, you may also find niche boutiques that carry hip and avant-garde fashion labels screaming true individuality. And one of these must drop by precious style gems is Début New York.

Located between Houston and Bleecker at the infamous Mulberry Street, Début is a unique fashion realm worth discover. Founded by Lisa Weiss, the store caters to women with profound desire for individuality. Unlike other multi-brand stores around New York City, Début sets itself apart from its rivals with interactive gallery-like layout.

Here, fashion designers and their collections are not subjected to the archetypal retail treatment. Instead, they are regarded as artists and their works of art a.k.a. creations are uniquely displayed at their own spaces within the boutique. Like a treasure trove, one could find an array of precious find inside this contemporary multi-brand store.

Among others, they include urban garbs designed by up and coming designers namely Arthur Mendonça from Canada, Bérubé and Ross Barnes from United Kingdom, Bokyung Cha from Korea, as well as by Michael Angel from Australia. Inspired by the cultish soundtrack of Twin Peaks, Julie Bérubé’s ready-to-wear collection is well known for embodying movement, energy and spontaneity with black markers and draped ribbons as her design trademarks.

On the other hand, Australian designer Michael Angel’s fluid yet emotive collection veritably depicts the character traits of modern women – strong and self aware. This season, he chose high renaissance artists, Irving Penn and Pierre et Gilles photographs, laced with Shakespeare’s Sister influence as his muse.

Clothing aside, you might also be thrilled by the well-edited selection of sophisticated yet modern jewellery and accessories designed by Maja Schulz, Elledi, Experiment 101, Brynn Hudson, Rachel Rymar and Flutter by Jill Golden.

Need recommendation on must-have jewellery of the season? Get your hands on the dainty Caspana necklace by Flutter. Adorned with two clusters of semi-precious stones, the necklace is versatile and can be wrapped around your neck like a silk scarf. Amazing!

So if you are in the midst of seeking greener pasture in fashion while style-hunting in New York, you know where to go – Début New York.

*Photos courtesy of Début New York, Flutter NYC, and Michael Angel websites.

Début New York – 298, Mulberry Street (between Houston and Bleecker), New York NY 10012.

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Nuha said...

I stumbled upon your blog in the search engine whilst searching for YSL River Gauche. I can't tell you how fabulous it is to come across a Malay Malaysian who has good taste in fashion.

see you around,

Nuha said...

i have no idea where else to write so i wrote here instead! haha!

oooh oui, m'sieur, I'd love love to work for fashion and be in marketing. but sorry, i don't think setting up lanvin or jil sander in brunei will ever improve their bruneian taste haha. yes yes, our tastes are tasty, no? thank god i won't be staying in brunei too long haha. something big is out there waiting for me! i can tell! et vous, what's your position in fashion? an aspiring designer, or a mere lover of fashion who pays mucho attention to rising designers and make their dreams come true?

but my true love is still for marc jacobs. he's quirky.

Nuha said...

oh oh did you Batik competition they had? I saw a glimpse of the clothe son TV just this morning or was it yesterday? can't remember, the clothes I have to admit, were quite Western-ish and not too dressy, it was almost rtw.

you must talk more about your trip to the us, talk about the clothes there, the fashion scenes, etc etc. i've been to europe but sadly paris for just a day because the ticket was too damn expensive. i loved spain though, though the style was trés urban and there were so many dirty blonded girls running around. the men were gorgeous, the night life was dazzling, everyone were still drinking, laughing and smiling, omg i miss that country. barcelona is the city life i'd love to live in.

Zoë said...

Im loving your blog!
I'm from Malaysia and its so great to read blogs about Malaysian fashion and etc. Keep up the great work!