Monday, November 10, 2008

Tea with Fashionistas ... Lush Icon's Tea Party

It was a quiet Saturday in my area. The public transportation system is as always, like shit. I blame my I-don’t-know-what’s-daunting-me factor for not taking driving license till now. Bummer!

However, thanks to Rachel’s long party duration, I still able to transport myself there a few minutes after the party started. A tea party exactly. Known as one of Lush Ico
n’s long-preserved tradition, the tea party was held to officiate the opening of Lush Icon at Bangsar Village II.

A perfect retail spot
located in the heart of ever-thriving Bangsar, Rachel’s decision to move her store from the retail cemetery Avenue K to its current home falls at the right time. Albeit the store is a tad smaller compared to the previous one at the Avenue K, it still retains the same ambience with shades of white and purples splashing across the store. Missing in action? A plush couch that I used to seat on whenever I dropped by the store to see what’s new or just catching up with the girls.

Now back to the tea party. The tea party, organized by my friend Rachel and her sister Pooi Ching, was attended by friends as well as Lush Icon’s loyal clients. As we helped ourselves to those delicious sandwiches, chocolate tartlets, orange cakes and yes, coffee, I and the rest of Lush Iconians (a term that I coin for Lush Icon fanatics) went into the store to see what’s new in store. Also present at the party that quiet Saturday was Jo and Victoria from Singaporean fashion label, Hansel.

Arriving in style on that luxury Singapore-KL coach, the girls were in KL since Friday for interview session with local media (since I am not fond of live interviews, I have decided to skip the session) and they were definitely down to earth. I like Jo very much.

Her style, especially her retro butterfly-framed glasses reminds me more or less of that American singer Lisa Loeb. And so did Victoria too. Both were absolutely charming. What’s more, Jo even took the liberty to explain to me about Hansel’s autumn/winter collection, which is quirkily known as Square-y Mary!

As Rachel and her assistants were busy tending to their clients’ wants and needs, I started to snap pictures and mingle with Victoria. Jo seemed to be very quiet and talked less. Outside, everyone was enjoying the makeshift picnic with free-flowing juice and coffee (there were red wines too, stashed underneath the tables hahaha!)

Although the global economic scene is quite unstable at the moment, the Lush Iconians did not see it as an excuse. Supported with array of luscious designer clothing and those dainty Vita bangles and Cerelina necklaces, the result was pure madness!
But of course, neither I nor the loyal Lush Iconians could take their eyes off Jordi Labanda’s collection. Being one of my favourite designers as well as fashion illustrators, Jordi’s feminine illustration always takes my breath away.

For the current autumn/winter season, Jordi plays with the natural tones of the earth and juxtaposes with his trademark illustrations. Oh yes, I can see lots of stylish ladies snapping his creations last Saturday, boy oh boy! Other attractive brands that caught the fashionistas’ attention during the tea party too were Baylene and Armand Basi.

Though the party was scheduled to end at six, I decided to leave early so I could sneak a peak on what’s new at the MPH bookstore rack one floor up. Therefore, I’d like to thank Rachel, her sister Pooi Ching, and Lush Icon team for throwing such a great tea party. I’d also like to wish my new found friends Jo and Victoria the best of luck in the future for their brand Hansel.

Hansel, Jordi Labanda and Armand Basi Women’s autumn/winter 2009 collections are available now at Lush Icon.

*Photos by me.

Lush Icon – 1F-1B, First Floor, Bangsar Village II, No.2, Jalan Telawi, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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