Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hotness Gracious ... Burning Up With Anderson Davis

Katy Perry knows how to make her girl fans scream and her male fans green with envy, like a couple of Hulk clones waiting to send tremors to the world.

After courting with girls and got ditched in her two previous music videos (I Kissed a Girl and Hot and Cold), the former Christian music chanteuse cum boldly in-your-face pop sensation romances wit
h the war-torn 40’s in her new music video, Thinking of You.

Apart from the classic backdrop of the 40’s, when the Second World War took place, another feature that you simply can’t take your eyes away are the leading hunks – Matt Dallas of Kyle XY and model/actor Anderson Davis.

While Matt Dallas is fairly known in this part of the world, thanks to his portrayal as the belly button-less Kyle, I bet not many of us knew Anderson well. So ladies, start bracing yourself up because I’ve just caught up with Katy’s on-set significant other via email. Exclusive to Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia!

You started from the baseball field to posing in front of the camera lenses. How did it happen? OK so this is a long story, I’m going to be brief. Baseball is my/was my passion , now it a more love / hate thing but I was injured which lead to modelling and acting in LA, as an athlete you need some sort of field with competitiveness and that was LA for me….

What was your first modelling assignment and did you feel awkward posing for the camera at that time?
My very first job about a week and a half in LA was working for Rex t-shirt company; Rex and John Ganun, owner and photog were both really c
ool so it was easy to just be relaxed…. There both good friends to this day

Between TV commercial acting and editorial/advertising modelling, which one do you feel most comfortable with and why?
I feel pretty comfortable with both, the key to comfort is just be yourself, then there’s no need to prove anything, as far a commercial acting goes you have to be the character you get hired to play, that simple.

The GE TV commercial that you did for the recent Olympics Game got everyone talking, especially the disc-throwing part. Could you tell me more about the shooting experience and how long did it take you to master disc-throwing?
That was a great commercial and I was extremely happy with the outcome. The discus throwing came fairly easy; I trained for about 2 hours the day before we shot with a great discus thrower, after that movie magic.

You even won the lead part in Katy Perry’s new video called “Thinking of You”. How was it like working beside one of the most controversial pop idol of our time and how does her kiss tastes like?
Katy was a really sweet girl, her kiss if I had to detail tasted like cherry chopstick…..not bad!!!

Was that (the Katy Perry video stint) your first time acting in a music video?
Yes, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

As a model, which one of these titles describes you the best – a role model to the younger generation or a sizzling hot sex symbol?
I’m going to play it safe and not so safe, I would like to say both….if you are lucky enough to become any sort of symbol, sizzling, sexy or not, you always have some people that look up to you.

Some people agree that modelling is also a mean of making ends meet. But somehow, there are some who disagree with the idea and believes that modelling is just another way to exploit human’s bodily beauty for profit. What is your opinion on that?
Good question. Modelling can be a living if you have the look. It all depends on how you look at things some may think it exploits the human body other may think not, in my opinion, there is a tasteful, beautiful way to shoot the human body and then there’s the opposite.

With a hectic working schedule, plus all the travelling and stuff, do you still take your time hitting the balls at the baseball field?
Far and few between

What about workouts? How many times do you visit the gym and what is your favourite working out routines?
Oh, I truly hate the gym, but I have to do it. I don’t get to carried away; I go about 3-4 times a week, and I enjoy working out the abs. It’s the hardest part of the body to see results so when you do it’s rewarding.

Do you believe in protein shakes and prescribed diets or you would rather binge on whatever your tummy desires?
So there is a happy medium, that’s what I believe.

Other than baseball, do you have any other favourite sports or maybe pastimes just to kill that extra time?
If I have the time I enjoy beach sports, volleyball, waffle ball on the beach, boarding.

In your website, you also include acting as your second job. Can you tell me more about your acting career and has anyone from the Hollywood circle hitched you lately for a stint in movies? The hard part, becoming a working actor in Hollywood, wooooow… I have finally put together a good enough resume with classes and commercial work that I’m in the process of trying to break into movies/TV…. There are a lot of components that need to come together for it to work out, and I’m working on those as we speak.

If you were offered leading man part as superhero, who would you like to play and why? I would love that. I prefer superhero/action before most anything, but I’m versatile. I can do romantic guy to…

Last but not least. As we know, male models don’t stay long in the modelling industry. So where would you be in the next 10 years from now?
Haha, lets not get ahead of ourselves. I would love to answer this question but I live life very day to day and the farthest I may plan ahead is 3 weeks!!!

* Photos courtesy of Anderson Davis.

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