Sunday, March 01, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic ... The Movie!

At last, global shopaholics’ anticipation comes to an end for Sophie Kinsella’s bestseller “Shopaholics” series goes to the big screen.

To be honest, ever since the inception of the book, I have not read a single page of it due to my business, as well as my laziness to pick up a book, whatever the subject is, and read. Straight to the point, I’m more fixated to the net than books; newspapers and stuff (save for fashion glossies).

Just like the two other book-to-silver screen adaptations that I dearly loved (Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada), the Confession of a Shopaholic seems to use the same format as the former and latter – fashion, fashion and fashion. Except this one is purely about a single woman who lives and breathes retail taking us into her magnificent journey of endless designer name and wallet-dropping, nothing else.

So what the story is all about? Well, this novel-to-silver screen chick flick revolves around Rebecca Bloomwood (portrayed by actress Isla Fisher).

According to an entry in the Wikipedia on this newly released movie, Rebecca “moved to Manhattan to nurture her shopping addiction and get involved in the New York City magazine world. Translated, Miss Bloomwood is not a Big Apple native but moved into the city with hopes of satisfying her retail addiction while at the same time, working in a world every woman (and guys) have always dream of – fashion publications.

However, just because of a green scarf, Rebecca lost that dream job and instead of writing for fashion bible, she ended up working as a columnist for a financial magazine.

Probably being in the state of shock or denial, she would rather spend most of her time on attending clothing sales a.k.a. sample sales around New York than working on the given assignments.

As usual, there are strings of dramatic moments to follow and so on. Nevertheless, plot aside, the major attention that the audience would be paying on is nothing else but the clothes and the accessories.

Once again, the legendary fashion designer/style coordinator Ms. Patricia Field is roped in by Touchstone Pictures to cast her magical touch on the wardrobe. Just like Sex and the City the Movie, whatever that you see hanging or wrapping on Rebecca and her co-stars’ bodies are fresh-from-the-runway pieces that are about to hit the stores this incoming spring.

While hiring Pat Field to coordinate the costume is considered safe, I can’t help it but to say that the influence of Carrie Bradshaw’s eclectic and erratic sense of style is still there and strongly felt, especially on that hot pink maid of honour gown with colourful froufrou at the bottom plus fur-trimmed knee boots (Ugg, perhaps). But hey, it’s just a personal opinion.

As for the ultra-sophisticated accessories and shoes, if everything goes well, I have no qualms that they would be the major point of reference for fashionistas to adapt into their styling rules of thumb. Best of all, you can get them all at just with a single click!

But anyways, to all shopaholics out there, don’t forget to catch this sensational yet fashionable movie of the year. Confessions of a Shopaholics will be arriving in style at Malaysian cineplexes on 26th March 2009.

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