Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Divine Walk ... Jerome C Rousseau spring/summer 2009 collection

For the art-blind lot, it may take years to comprehend the messages and aesthetical value buried within the über-modern sculptures of celebrated architect/artist Ettore Sottsass and gravity-defying colour collages of London-based artist Verena Paloma Jabs

But for shoe designer Jerome C Rousseau, the works of the two aforementioned artists were the influence bases of his works. He took Sottsass’s edgy sculptural silhouettes and Jabs’ high velocity working palette, mixed them together and voila, the mixture resulted his latest spring/summer 2009 footwear collection.

Named after mythical female figures notable for their historical past namely Freya, the Queen of Norse gods and consort of Odin, ancient Greek princess cum constellation Andromeda and the legendary part-woman and part-lioness creature Sphinx, the new collection is best described as a beautiful collation of studied silhouettes richly drenched in splatters of effervescent hues.

Albeit the winter months are over, it is obvious for one to think that booties should be kept inside the shoe closet for the next six months and taken out once the fall/winter seasons return. However, if you still craving its warmth and poise especially when working in colder-than-the North Pole air-conditioned spaces, opt for the beautiful Andromeda. Doused in nude tinge accented with black patent accents, the neutrally sexy Andromeda booties sport open toe boxes and come with zippered fronts.

In Norse mythologies, Freya is often portrayed as the blond-haired and blue-eyed goddess with unparalleled beauty, certainly on par with her Greek counterpart Aphrodite. Now, you can embrace her divine charm and exceptional splendour with the edgy Freya mules. Tinted in feminine lipstick pink, the mules metaphorically personify the passion and eternal grace that the goddess possessed. What’s more, the fabric black rosette on the vamps brings forth the air of forever celebrated classic style.

And as the sun falls below the horizon, letting his queen the Moon takes over the throne and shine, go for Jerome’s two other offerings – Medusa and Sphinx. Just like its namesake, the Medusa high-heeled d’orsays is crafted in white leather trimmed with black piping and meticulously woven heel counter, the shoe perfectly characterizes the traits of Medusa and Sottsass’s sculpture. On the other hand, sexy Sphinx sandals, added with its gold-coloured lining spells luxurious allure and high confidence.

Jerome C Rousseau’s spring/summer 2009 collection is available now at Shuz KLCC.

*Photos courtesy of Jerome Rousseau.

Jerome C Rousseau @ Shuz KLCC - 102-103A, Level One, Ampang Mall, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

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farah said...


What an article. Many thanks for the great yummy article. Keep them coming. The collection will be readily available soon in SHUZ. Will kep you posted. And Jerome himself is very very yummy and one nice guy.

Keep writing great stuff!


Shaiful said...

Farah honey,

Thanks for stopping by ... hehehe, I know Jerome is a one yummy guy ... bila nak bawa dia datang sini ... then we all can go yum cha together darling ... cuidado mi amor ... besitos!!!!