Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashionably MUMM-ed by Valiram Group ... Part 1

Looks like the most anticipated time of the year has arrived and KL’s social movers and shakers are ready to embrace the heat. Yes, you got what I mean; it’s the Formula One season.

Like a tradition, prior to the commencement of the event, which is scheduled to take place on the next two weeks, there will be a host of fashion and society parties thrown to celebrate the arrival of this high-profile sport. This year, luxury lifestyle retailer Valiram Group has been kind enough to extend me invites to their fabulous soirees that run throughout the last two weeks of this month and also on the 1st April.

Collaborating with MUMM champagne, which is also the official champagne of the F1; the soirees are divided into five nights with different themes for each night. On the first night, which was last Thursday, Chinoiserie Chic was the theme of the party with fashionistas and socialites turning up in their best chinoiserie outfits.

Though I wasn’t there, I was informed that the evening was really a blast with a huge turnout. An F1-styled champagne bar was set up at the event, thus spells an abounding flow.

So, I’ve decided to show up on the second night, which was hosted by one of Valiram’s brands, Giuseppe Zanotti. Tagging my new colleague Shane along, we endured heavy traffic from Kelana Jaya (where my new office is located) all the way to Jalan Bukit Bintang and beyond.

Luckily, we managed to get there about on time despite having trouble to find parking space within the multi-levelled parking bays. At first, I thought the soiree would be a jam-packed affair, just as the previous Valiram events I have attended. However, my thoughts were wrong but still, it was filled with the happening, glamorous and superbly beautiful crowd you can imagine.

A slew of hugs and air kisses between me and the Valiram girls followed and we made ourselves comfortable at one of the cocktail tables. Bubbly flutes in our hands, there were not many press members showed up that evening and I even saw Natasha (Kraal) from Harpers’ BAZAAR leaving minutes before the fashion show starts.

But here’s the best part: From the moment we entered the party, Shane already had her eyes and her feet swoon over two Andrew boys. So I dragged Shane, air-kissed and chatted with Andrew, then took a memorable snapshot of Shane and her boys.

So back to the cocktail table, I looked around and took some snapshots of the partygoers but surprisingly not many of them put on great effort to dress up that night. Well, I guess not everyone has the privilege to escape work hours before you supposed to leave, go home and dress up to your nines.

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for arrived – the fashion show. Featuring Giuseppe Zanotti’s spring/summer 2009 collection, th
e show came with a twist. Instead of seeing female models wearing the shoes on their feet, the shoes are served on trays by, ermm, the Andrew boys who were immaculately donned in crisp suits a la Dolce & Gabbana show.

This season, the gladiator nuances remains dominant in Giuseppe’s smorgasbord of shoes. Drenched in lively colours, about half of the collection presented to the stylish lot that night (me included in the list as well) were inspired by the legendary Masai neckpiece.

Oozing sensuality of the feet are gladiator sandals with lots of side cut outs paired with a deadly pointed metal heels. If you are fan of platform, rejoice because the platforms too are simply irresistible with zebra prints and lipstick pink heels. A staggering (more or less) five inches glossy heels that is!

But of course, it’s always the ones in exotic skins that got me impressed, causing me to unglue myself from the cocktail table vicinity and into the hip crowd to get a closer peek.

Oh dear, just think of python skin coated in emerald green reincarnated into a pair of killer heels, or anything like that. And I do believe that late Eva Peron would wake up from her eternal sleep should Zanotti uses the exotic Andean skins in his creations (the late Argentine First Lady was known for her penchant in shoes made of exotic skins).

By 9.00 p.m., the fashion show ended with all the smartly-clad boys lining up in front of the photo wall, holding trays of shoes followed by loud applause of approval from the fashionistas. The party went on with a live performance and yes, more MUMM for everyone!

And as we have expected, in lieu of free heels from Zanotti, we had fun night and free flowing MUMM juice to keep ourselves in the high spirit. Do catch me there next week for the third Valiram-MUMM soiree featuring Chloé.

And by the way, Giuseppe Zanotti’s spring/summer 2009 collection is available exclusively at Giuseppe Zanotti boutique now.

*Photos by Me.

Giuseppe Zanotti – Second Floor, Couture Pavillion, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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