Sunday, March 08, 2009

Me in the Press ...

Lets be honest. I have not been reading newspapers, any kind and any language, since the past few months due to my extreme business, as well as my heavy inclination towards fashion magazines. So, recently, while browsing through the online version of The Star, I came across this fashion article written by Louisa Lim.

Ok, I know it doesn't sound special because it's just another fashion article more or less; but, here's the best part: she quoted me in the article, which was my view about the growing local fashion scene today. Ah, now I remember that she did approach me on the Facebook weeks ago, asking for my opinion.

And a quick visit to TENC press and media page ( led to the discovery of this cool newspaper article, also by The Star, featuring my pictures (gasp, I looked totally embarassing in that spread) at the TENC official opening last year. It was hosted by good friend of mine, Alex Eu and the TEN
C owners - Memed, Khairy and Ruben. Shirieene, my dear fashionista cum Maizen Maison co-founder was there too, toting her favourite Hermes Birkin in orange togo leather. Coolness!

Therefore, I am hoping to receive more good press in the years to come as it is vital for me in order to sustain in this bitch-eats-bitch world.

*Photo and screencap courtesy of me and TENC

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