Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey There ...

Oh dear, for the consecutive time, I am so sorry for not updating this blog. Reason being, my magazine has just been launched last month and currently, I am finishing my third issue, before starting out with January and February issues.

Ah yes, like they say, no dreams are too small and all it takes is plenty of hard work and creative minds to achieve what you want. Well, I've been working and toiling almost seven days a week non-stop since last September, and although the first issue turned out to be quite disastrous (with wrong credits being applied to the wrong clothes sold by wrong retailers. Horrors!)

It did not determined me to keep on working on the second issue. Thank God, the response that I had received so far was positive, and I can't deny receiving bad responses too, but I try not to give a damn because we can't please everyone most of the time.

With my business keeps me tied to the workstation, I rarely have the chance to attend events these days. And to be honest, due to my business, I also didn't shave for weeks. Hahaha, funny right? Nevertheless, that is what I call the labor of love and this labor of love is the only reason that keeps me alive and breathing. So, for you readers out there, I do have a small favor to ask and it's simple - can you go to your nearest bookstore or newsstands and get a copy of MODÈLLE magazine?

Why? As a new magazine, it is essential for us to gain your support as it will guarantee our survival in this competitive market. Without strong support from you, there is no doubt a magazine will survive by the time it reaches its third month. Thus, that explains how important it is for you to support MODÈLLE. And before I forgot, kindly be advised that MODÈLLE is not the upgraded version of MODELS Magazine. MODÈLLE is conceived with my both hands and it has nothing to do with that tasteless publication.

I guess that's it for now. If there is a knack of free time in the future, I will return to the fashion blogging scene once again and it's a promise. Take care :D


4 fashionistas wrote ...:

Chegu Peace said...

Wah cunnya aku nak aku nak aku nak, nti bagila sampel kat aku ye klau boleh dengan model skali aku nak. kau punya ke?x pe kita share2la hahaha

ummi nasir said...

ohh i really adore people who work in magazine n produces good fashion news for people like me to know more about fashion..its my dream too one sweet day after i grad i can work in magazine and fashion world..!**amin**

ummi nasir :)

Anonymous said...

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Joanna Foo said...

Hi - came across your blog, and love your writing style. Am currently looking for contributors for an online regional fashion magazine that I will be launching soon. If you are interested, do drop me an email at: