Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hong Kong SkyMart - The Latest Duty-Free Haven

Imagine this situation. You are on your way to San Francisco. You have your mind cleared as the flight takes off. Suddenly, as you were halfway on air, you just realized that you've forgot to bring your Burberry trench coat as spring in San Francisco is a bit chilly. You reached for your Chanel lipstick inside the Gucci bag and it wasn't there. The stewardess passed by, pushing the duty-free trolley. You wanted to buy a Chanel lipstick of the same hue you always wear but the airline did not stock it. You feel as it's going to be the end of your life. You'll feel bitterly naked without your Chanel Rouge and frosted to death without the Burberry trench. Suddenly, something come across your mind. The flight is having a brief layover at Hong Kong.

Once the flight touched down for a layover, head for Hong Kong Sky Mart, the new shopping attraction at Hong Kong's International Airport. Shoppers will be spoilt by choices, from jewels of Bvlgari to the chinese arts and crafts products. For designer good lovers, there are 21 designer stores to choose from, all carrying high street ready-to-wear and accessories. If you still want that Burberry trench, you can get it at Burberry boutique (Restricted Area: Departures East Hall Level 6 and Restricted Area: Departures West Hall Level 6). Not only trench coats, also available at the prestigious store are knit polo shirts, traditional checkered shirts, bags and socks. Four DFS Galleria-operated stores - Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren and Prada - are available to cater the demands of any fashionable traveler. Shanghai Tang, the famous chinoiserie store also opens a store here.

Apart from designer fashion and leathergoods, the Sky Mart also offers a bookstore, Temptation Duty-Free store which stocks a wider range of skincare, beauty and fragrances, a number of jewelery stores including Cartier and Bvlgari, plus 11 dining outlets, ranging from chinese to Italian restaurant. The SkyMart also guarantees that goods sold here are much cheaper compared with downtown prices. Shoppers will be refund if the price of items purchased downtown are lower than those sold in the airport. Now that you have your much-needed Burberry trench and Chanel Rouge lipstick, all you need now is just a peace of mind and safe arrival to your destination.

* Photos courtesy of Hong Kong Sky Mart

Hong Kong Sky Mart - Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong.

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