Wednesday, April 26, 2006

True Blue Buys at

Nobody would believe it and neither do I. Where on earth can you get a Bottega Venetta braided leather bag (left) with its price slashed to 20% off the boutique price or that knee-length parka for your guy from hard-to-find-in-Asia-brand Theory at 60% off its normal price (US$985.00)? It's happening here at, the premier online designer store, offering price cuts up to 75%. With a team of fashion-obsessed buyers hunting for newest fashion and accessories from more than 350 designers, Bluefly is always on the run to bring in the best, first-quality and brand new goods which you can buy at price as low as 20% off the rack price.

Here's a tip on how to secure good stuff at high discount. Always check-in to ensure that you get to experience the best possible shopping experience. Once goods were out of stock, Bluefly will immediately remove it from their "virtual shelves". This means that items at Bluefly are selling like hot cakes! Although Bluefly ships to Asia, sadly Malaysia and Indonesia is not included in their shipping route but they are working on it. Anyway, if you wanted to shop here for the best bargain, just cross your fingers and hope that they will ship stuff to Malaysia any soon. At the meantime, keep on browsing!

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