Monday, November 06, 2006

Madonna does it again... in a kiddie way!

In 1980s she sent shock waves to parents through her sophomore album, Like a Virgin. Her sense of fashion was copied by millions of teenage female worldwide and the her on-stage masturbation act which took place at the MTV VMA Awards was viewed by million of viewers across the United States, thus serving as her launchpad towards fame.

22 years passed and she have reincarnated in various reincarnations ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Japanese geisha, rhinestone studded cowgirl to the American gung ho soldier and don't ever forget, a rabid anglophile who embraces Kabbalah as her guiding light. Who else I am talking about if it's not Madonna, the queen of Pop.

In 2003, she surprised the world by announcing that she will pen a series of children books in five instalments - The English Roses, Mr. Peabody's Apple, Abdi, Yakov and the Seven Thieeves and Lotsa de Casha - which sold like hot cakes just like her records did. Recently, emulating the success of The English Roses, Madonna returns with the sequel to the best-selling children literature feat, The English Roses Too Good to be True.

Instilling the principles of Kabbalah teaching which she and her children embraced, the new book tells the story of the English Roses friendship (Binah, who was deserted by the group in the first book is now a part of the girl group) and the arrival of Dominic, a handsome new kid. With the new kid in the class, their friendship means nothing as they wanted to outdo each other in getting his attention, although Binah gets it most of the time.

To add more marketing value, Madonna even turn The English Roses into a label that sells children apparels and collectibles. Incorporating images and artworks of the five English Roses - Amy, Nicole, Charlotte, Grace and Binah - as well as everything that spells British (such as the iconic London Bridge and double-decker buses), the English Rose Collection is targeted on young girls who wants to experience the life of Binah and her friends. With her status as a fashion trendsetter, it will never be a problem for Madonna to get her young fans to dress up and go Brit as what she did to her older set of fans.

The English Roses collection is available exclusively at The English Roses online store while the book will be in stores soon.

*Photos courtesy of English Roses Collection.

The English Roses Too Good To Be True will be available in stores near you later this year.

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