Thursday, November 23, 2006

To be or Not To Be ...

Italian fashion house Etro returns with a whimsical and lyrical interpretation of its Menswear collection. For the Fall/Winter 2006-07 collection, the line uses the theme, to be or not to be, which was a quote taken from one of Shakespeare's work and inspired from the Argentinian tango that is so seductive and romantic. In its press release, the Etro man was said to be tired of his 'plastic' role and decided to start anew by seeking for a woman.

As he started his sojourn into finding a new self, which is a sort of reinvention, a change began to take place and he had found the door that maybe leads him to a temple where he will find himself once again or
the mouth of life that gives and takes, and to which one yields. Thus, the new nature of the Etro man flourishes with abandon.

The new collection features a version of the most classic leitmotif in menswear fabric: the Prince of Wales check. Warp and weave intertwine in original solutions to create new checks, windowpane patterns, and mini and maxi Prince of Wales motifs. For Fall/Winter 2006-07, double-breasted jackets made its comeback with a slimmer and shorter proportion.

Light pullovers, cardigans and sleeveless jackets were done in knits with geometrical motifs and other patterns that are typical of the more classic Argentine style. For accessories, ties are done in six-centimeters strip while mocassins, oxforfd-brogue lace-up shoes and polo boots too made their comeback in paying homage to the classic Argentinian machissimo style.

The Etro Fall/Winter 2006-07 Menswear Collection is available now at all Etro stores and selected departmental stores around the world.

*Photos courtesy of Etro

Etro - Paragon, #01-30, Orchard Road, Singapore. Tel: (65) 6737 5108; Fax: (65) 6333 6343

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