Thursday, November 23, 2006

Victoria Beckham for Samantha Thavasa

Japanese label Samantha Thavasa is well-known for its collaboration with prolific celebrities. Starting from the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky to Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and sister Monica, hip-hop/R&B star Beyonce Knwoles to tennis player Maria Sharapova and Japanese artist Ebihara Yuri.

The company's strategy in inviting celebrities to express the creative side through handbag designing has won the hearts of Japanese consumers, mainly teenagers who are obsessed by the Hollywood stars.

Joining the bandwagon in catering to the demanding star-mad Japanese crowd is no other than the glamorous British fashion icon, former member of pop group Spice Girl and wife to footballer David Beckham, Victoria Beckham. Recently Victoria signed a deal with the accessory label for a handbag line, Samantha Thavasa for VB.

This will be added to her extensive career portfolio from fashion designer for her denim label, VB Rocks under collaboration with Rock Republic denim, sunglasses designer, perfumer (Intimately Beckham, a his and her perfume line) and author to two books, autobiography 'Learn to Fly' and 'That Extra Half an Inch' which clinched the #2 spot on Sunday Times non-fiction chart. Victoria and husband David are popular among men and women in the Rising Sun nation as their images are used in advertisements nationwide.

Apart from designing handbags, Victoria too designed a jewellery line under Samantha Tiara label. Known as Samantha Tiara by Victoria Beckham, the jewellery pieces she created features the motifs of butterflies and crosses, which are her favourites. One of the collection, known as 'Precious' has gothic element applied and can be used casually is one of the hottest selling item at Samantha Tiara stores in Japan.

Furthermore, Samantha Tiara is going to release another collection from Victoria's line called the 'Flutter' series which incorporate butterflies as the subject matter. To celebrate the launch, Victoria herself flew to Japan to attend Samantha Tiara by Victoria Beckham launching.

The Samantha Thavasa for VB and Samantha Tiara by Victoria Beckham lines are only available at Samantha Thavasa stores in Japan.

*Photo by unidentified source.

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