Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guys Get Saucy!

Boys, scream if you want. After all these years, I've been praying for lingerie line created for a creature like me called men. Today my prayers were answered. HOM, French's leading undergarment manufacturer is proud to present you the 3001 Lingerie D'Homme collection, the men lingerie line.

Hmm, if you ladies have been thinking men are rather sexy shirtless in bed, then wait till you see them in this saucy lingerie pieces that's too hot to trot. This male version of Victoria's Secret is something that most men have been anticipated for years ever.

Okay, you can call it nightwear if you don't like my men lingerie term. The collection highlights sleep shirts and undies in transparent light fabric such as jersey, tulle and mesh, newspaper prints (think of John Galliano trademark), flocked flowers, stripes and other prints. Transparent fabrics were used in this collection as to evoke the men's sexiness and sensuality and to enable them to sleep comfortly. So avant-garde that it became an instant hit among European men.

My personal pick from the 3001 Lingerie d'Homme line are the Garden shirt and Gazette string. I like the black Garden shirt (on top) because first, it look unmistakenably like one of those feminine see-through nightdress and second, it has the combination of black flocked flowers prints and translucent stripes on it. The shirt is made of transparent striped jersey fabric which is a lightweight material and can be complemented with matching Garden hipster, Garden micro or Garden G-string.

The Gazette micro is unique because it reminds me of John Galliano's trademark - the newspaper print. Made from tulle fabric, which also a type of lightweight fabric, the micro pants comes in the shade of sand and grape.

To complement the shorts is the Gazette t-shirt, which also features the same newspaper print and made of the same material with short sleeve and V-neck. Just perfect for the hot summer nights.

Though the 3001 Lingerie D'Homme collection has been in stores across Europe, it is unsure if the first male lingerie collection will make it to our shores. But at the meantime, you can check them out at any departmental stores that carries HOM label nationwide. Other products manufactured by HOM and available for your dipsosal are its high-quality swimwears and undergarments.

*Photos courtesy of HOM UK

HOM Underwear - Available at major departmental stores nationwide and duty-free stores at major airports and border checkpoints.

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