Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Look out for ... Cosa Nostra from Jeffrey Sebelia

I love Project Runway. Its a unique reality show that showcases the hidden talent of those who are aspired to be the next Lagerfeld, Galliano or Von Furstenberg. Not to mention Schiaparelli and Vionnet as well! Hosted by supermodel-cum-supermommy Heidi Klum, I can't deny that every single contestant have their own ways to express their creativity in their creations. And for those who have missed out the final episode, Jeffrey Sebelia was chosen as the winner of last season's Project Runway, which was aired on Discovery Travel and Living channel.

Yes, the tattooed one won the contest and to my surprise, he already launched his first label, called Cosa Nostra. The name Cosa Nostra itself stands for the criminal secret society of men that originated in Sicily or more popularly known as Mafia. The collection, which covers both men and women, received a tremendous response from fashion fans in the United States. Last december, Jeffrey gave a preview on his Spring/Summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection exclusively to the clients of Ron Herman at its Melrose Place store.

According to Jeffrey, the new collection was inspired by "being with my son and the experience of returning to innocence I have had through watching him learn and grow. Must grab pieces for woman includes Kzumi zippered dress, which was the creation that blew the judges away during his stint at the reality TV show, white leather jacket with throughout detailing and two-side pockets, and this unique Cococlorilos knit halter dress in two different hues of red and brown side by side with pin-stripe and biasly cut hems.

The Spring/Summer 2007 Collection from Cosa Nostra by Jeffrey Selebia will be available in select multi-brand stores in United States, Canada and Europe by March 2007. In Asia, the collection can be obtained at Harvey Nichols, Joyce Boutique and Lane Crawford, Hong Kong.

*Photo courtesy of Cosa Nostra Inc.

Cosa Nostra by Jeffrey Sebelia - Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, 15 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong; Lane Crawford , Pacific Place, 88 Queens Way, Admiralty, Hong Kong; Joyce Boutique, 18 Queens Road Central, Central District, Hong Kong.

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