Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weave your path ... Bottega Veneta Pompei Sandals

Planning to spend your Spring break or the entire summer in somewhere hot and sizzling? Say the romantic Capri or the happening Rio de Janeiro?

What about something that's closer to home like the mystical, legendary and beautiful island of Langkawi or maybe a soak in both spirituality and the cooling waters of Indian Ocean near Bali, the island of Gods?

Whatever your choice may be, do not forget to leave your home without the comfort of this Italian luxury, the Pompei sandals from Bottega Veneta's latest Spring/Summer 2007 collection.

Why do we like it?
The soft yet buttery calfskin intricately woven into Bottega's trademark Interciatto weaving technique exudes the rustic feeling of old Asia.

With what I can match it?
Of course the galore of Bottega Veneta's woven bags. If you want to stroll near the beach, then take along your woven screwpine leaf bag which can be bought at any handicraft store (like Aseana) or Pasar Malam (night markets) near your home for that chic and cheap look.

How many colors do they have?
There are five marvelous hues to choose from and the one featured on this blog is known as Old Petra.

But don't ever...
Wear this when you balik kampung (visiting old hometown). Your grandmother or aunts might mistaken them as pandanus mats recycled into shoes :D

And how much it'll cost?
This piece of objet d'art is priced at RM 4150.00. A small price to pay for the elegant and rustic charm.

Where can I get it?
Bottega Veneta store at the chic Avenue K or any multi-brand stores that carries Bottega Veneta shoes around the world.

*Photo courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta - Lot G19, Ground Floor, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

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