Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lets get Reversible

If you love the nylon bags from Lesportsac and Loop but you want something with a twist and at the same time help to preserve the environment, then give your full attention to the new Reversible bags. At a glance they may look like typical nylon bags with heavy graphic prints all over but the bag is not made of nylon. Instead, it is made from recycled printed PVC banner which is no longer in use.

The Reversible bags were the brainchild of France-based creator Jean Marc Imberton who discovered the idea 12 years ago while assisting his brother at the family firm to assemble printed banners for advertising companies. Over a period of time, he realized that the colored banners were heavily resistant and is only used for a couple of days or weeks for advertising purposes. Once the campaign period ended, the banners will be incinerated or disposed.

The idea of conceiving the bags came when the customers would sometime return the used banners and assisted by his wife, a designer, they started working on prototypes of what is soon to be known as the Reversible bags. Encouraged by big players in banner publicity field, he met Romain Ferrari, the initiator of the Texyloop recycling procedure and brought his idea forward. Although the decision was a decisive one, Ferrari and Imberton came to an agreement and the project started.

Unlike most nylon or canvas bags manufacturers that prefer to have their goods produced in sweatshops and countries with cheap labor cost such as China, Reversible bags are fully made in France at Vaulx en Valin using materials collected from a network of collection set up by Reversible and Cotonniere.

Parts of the bags will be selected by the designer before being cut, washed, sorted and turned into bags. There are nine type of products to choose from - Sakaba, Sakabug, Sakady, Sakafille, Sakaquatre, Sakaron, Sakare, Sakapouf, and Sakatou. If the bags are worn out, you can always send it back to Reversible bags and have it recycled again.

Currently the Reversible products are available at four regions in France namely Paris, Lyon, Saint Etienne and Valance but the good news is you can also purchase the Reversible bags and other products at the online store. Goods are delivered to both French and international addresses. Price starts from
€75.00 for a Sakaba bag to €80.00 for a Sakoch messenger bag. So budding environmentalists, do act now and start toting these marvellous bags for Mother Nature's sake.

*Photos courtesy of Reversible.

Reversible - Artazart - 83, Quai Valmy, 75010 Paris, France; Lou Delamare - 10, Rue de Montbtreuil, 94300 Vincennes, France; PA Design - 2, Rue Fleicher, 75009 Paris, France.

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