Thursday, March 22, 2007

From Celebrity Dusts to A Pot of Gold For the Charity

We all know that every celebrity in this world has an extensive closet full with good ol' goodies and clothes from the days of yore.

Just like Cher with her truckload of wigs stored in a high-security chamber, so does the likes of her younger
successors like Faith Hill and husband Tim McGraw, rapper Nelly and the Playboy master Hugh Hefner.

They all have so many things within their closet that been worn just once and later on, they never see the daylight anymore. Sometimes, these unused clothing articles and accessories might not only end up worn by their maids but in dumpsters too!

Taking a cue from this situation, two friends, Susie Busch-Transou, a business woman and philanthropist, and her partner, Cindy Lee, an interior designer, have decided to turn these celeb junks into a pot of gold by making them available to fans and raise funds for the charity at the same time through a new venture called QLu.

The idea of setting up QLu started when the girls were in their high school. It was their desire to combine philanthropy and fun. The celeb items gathered by QLu will then be auctioned online live via eBay, one of the world's biggest auction site in the internet realm with more than millions of customers frequenting it on daily basis. The proceed from the sales will directly benefit the stars' chosen charitable causes.

"Our dream is to see QLu become the trusted place celebrities go to create community or global value from items they no longer want, and have the money raised go directly to the charitable organizations they personally support," said Busch-Transou in a press statement released by QLu.

The conceptual and visualization of QLu was done by Cindy Lee, the one-half of the QLu, who focuses on the day-to-day operations. "We have designed our QLu brand and website to increase the public and fa
n awareness of our celebrities' charitable work."

"Our business is unique in that it creates a special connection between a hero and a fan that might have otherwise been impossible. We all love our heroes, whether they are athletes, artists, musicians or actors. They sometimes gives us hope and joy, or even the will to achieve." Lee added. "Now, through QLu, we can offer fans a token of their hero, and at the same time, support the charitable work they do in a positive and natural way."

Supporting QLu's idea is country star Tim McGraw who is also involved with two non-profit organizations - the Tug McGraw Foundation and Neighbor's Keeper Foundation who believes that the setting up of QLu is relevant.

"I believe in the power of helping people in need, whether they suffer from a life-threatening disease or natural disaster," said the spouse of best-selling country singer Faith Hill. "Sometimes it's easy to take for granted what I've been so blessed to have because of my success. That makes it even more important to do what what I can to make a difference, and I think QLu will help achieve that goal."

According to Busch-Transou, a Kellogg Master of Management graduate and co-owner and vice-president of Tri-Eagle Sales, an Anheuser-Busch distributor, their overhead costs are kept low through their relationship with eBay and corporate sponsorship from FedEx, Borba, Design Farm and others. At the same time it allows her to "expand one of the things that I love to do most and that is to find new, creative and successful ways to support important community needs."

Among items available at QLu warehouse waiting for fans to grab them are McGraw's leather UGG boots and snakeskin belt, Faith Hill's Barney's chocolate Cashmere sweater and silver Prada sandals, Nelly's chandelier, Hugh Hefner's famous satin robe and actress Holly Jean's Hawaiian Party Bikini to name a few. Fitness trainer to the Hollywood stars, Gunnar Peterson will host the first QLu drop site at his new training facility in Beverly Hills. He also will drop a few treasures of his own as well.

Since this is the best time for you to own at least a memorabilia from your favorite artiste while doing a bid of charity, why don't you take this opportunity. Should you be interested, you can visit QLu's official site and learn how to bid for the items through eBay.

*Photos courtesy of QLu

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