Friday, April 27, 2007

Levi's ... The Legend Continues

Everybody loves denim or better known as jeans. To date there are so many jeans labels with different material qualities and comfort. Even top designers and couturiers of the European fashion scene are crazy with them and include denim pants and sometimes ensembles as well as accessories as part of their seasonal collection.

For instance, Marc Jacobs did several sneakers and bags for Louis Vuitton using denim and it soared up in the fashion world with thousands being snapped by Vuitton's fans and fashionistas alike. But even though jeans labels are mushrooming day to day, none can beat one ultimate name that pioneered the phenomenon to what it is today. The name is no other than the inevitable Levi Strauss or more popularly known as Levi's.

The story began in 1853, a period where the California Gold Rush drew many people from all nooks and crannies of America to discover mines laden with gold and a businessman by the name of Levi Strauss never knew that his creation for the miners, which is a pair of rugged overall trousers made from a sturdy fabric known as serge de Nimes or later shortened to denim, would create a stir in the fashion history in more than hundred years.

Only in 1920's, the modern denim pants that we wore today, the jeans, were invented and it was a hit among people of all races and genders. From hip huggers to slim fit, boot cut to skinny, and carpenter to classic, Levi's jeans has remained as one of the most popular fashion mainstay of all times. Famed for its riveted blue jeans, Levi's vintage jeans are sought after by the younger generation and the price could easily fetch up to million of dollars, according to the age and its manufacturing year.

In the 80's and till present, the jeans has been an iconic symbol to the youths of the popular culture. Many celebrities, sportsmen and models were seen in at least a pair of Levi's thus leads to a birth of multiple product lines such as the famous Red Tab, Silver Tab, Red Loop, Capital E and Tab Twists, just to name a few. Although its two other lines, Engineered Jeans and Type 1 has ceased its production within the American continents, the two lines are still available and favored among Levi's jeans fans in Asia and Europe.

More recent is the introduction of Copper jeans, a new product line by Levi's. Featuring curved pockets, copper motif and an original waistband with a piece of history written as the following: "This pair of jeans is inspired by the 'patent riveted overall' made of denim by Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis in 1873" which signifies the strength and durability of the pair is a must have for any Levi's fans who wanted to relive the era when Levi's gained its fame among gold miners in the Californian gold rush days.

Of late, Levi's has started to cater to the tastes of its female customers with the introduction of Levi's Lady Style line, made specifically for women. With a series of ad campaigns that are unique and energetic, more and more women have started thronging Levi's Lady Style standalone stores set up throughout the world.

But whatever it is, Levi's jeans will remain as the world's first choice and number one jeans ever created in this world. The Levi's jeans and its various product lines are sold at all Levi's stores and selected retailers around the globe.

*Photos courtesy of Levi's

Levi's Jeans and its sub-brands(Dockers and Levi Strauss) are sold at all Levi's stores and selected retailers around the world. Visit for more info and track your nearest Levi's store.

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