Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome to Project Runway Malaysia

You have a strong passion in fashion. You've designed lots and lots of beautiful garments that would fit absolutely a queen even though your major back in the varsity days was business administration.

Now you have decided that you will pursue your dream of becoming the a fashion designer. But a major problem burgeons you from doing so - finance.

Yes, financial is the essential part in setting up a fashion business and to start a boutique or maybe your own atelier, you may need at least hundreds of thousands of ringgit and you could only achieve that if you're one of the secret mistresses to Bernard Arnault, the big boss of French conglomerate LVMH or maybe you are born with a silver (or better still, golden) spoon in your mouth.

If you did not fall within the two categories, there are two choices for you - keep the dream shelved or enter Project Runway Malaysia.

Project Runway Malaysia is the franchise of America's successful fashion reality TV show of the same name that focuses on fashion design. In the past three seasons, Project Runway, which is hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum with its notorious and illustrious panel of judges that includes fashion designer Michael Kors, the show has conceived new talents in fashion such as Jay McCaroll, Chloe Dao, and Jeffrey Sebelia.

While Jeffrey is now famously known for his label Cosa Nostra, Jay McCaroll turned down the mentorship opportunity offered by Banana Republic.

For Project Runway Malaysia, the show will be hosted by Bernie Chan, a Malaysian model and actress, with panel of judges led by Malaysian fashion designer and couturier Datuk Bernard Chandran and Chan as well. For the prize, a total of RM100 000 cash prize will be given to the winner. While further information on the list of contestants and airing time is yet to be obtained, the show will begin its running next month on 8TV.

*Photos courtesy of KLUE and Wikipedia.

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Anonymous said...

Project Runway Malaysia, is it going to exactly like the original one? It's true it cost a bundle to start off your own boutique but then again, if you get it set up one way or the other, you'll be okay as long as your sense of fashion is good. Project Runway reminds me of watching "Shear Genius" on Bravo every Wednesday at 10pm but it's focused on hair. I've watched bits and parts of it and it's great. Right now, they're giving away an ultimate make-over at NYC, I know because I work with them. Check out Good Luck!

Shaiful said...

That's great ...
I guess there'll be some alteration to it :D