Monday, July 23, 2007

Indulge And Relax the India Hicks Way

Wishing you were in the beautiful Caribbean island right now? Want to escape the painful yet excruciating reality of life?

Conjure your Caribbean fantasy and dreams with the new India Hicks Island Living collection, made for your body and soul from classic and fine lifestyle purveyor, Crabtree & Evelyn.

For those who are unfamiliar with India Hicks, she is the third child of Lady Pamela Mountbatten and celebrated interior designer of the 60's and 70's, David Nightingale Hicks.

Her sister is English socialite/fashion designer Allegra Hicks and she is the second cousin to Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales through her maternal grandfather, late Earl Mountbatten of Burma. A trivia for you - India was one of the bridesmaid who carried late Princess Diana's veil all the way to the aisle and Charles is her godfather! Recently India was in Kuala Lumpur to attend the regional launch of her product.

Another trivial fact you should know about Miss Hicks is that she is the 464th in line to succeed the British monarchy throne, which is far, far behind Prince William, Prince Harry, and Zara Phillips. Back in the 90's and 80's, India was known as one of England's top fashion models and often appeared on Tatler magazine.

Apart from modeling, she is also a renowned designer and an author to several books, including Island Beauty, a new tome that reveals how a busy woman can make space and time in her life for the quest to achieve natural beauty.

The body and home collection was inspired by her stress and hectic-free island lifestyle, a kind of lifestyle that most of us would dream of and will do anything for an exchange. Available in two distinctive variations - Spider Lily and Casuarina. The Spider Lily collection is a range of body care goods such as eau de toilette, body cream, bath salts, soap and handwash to name a few, while the Casuarina line is made for the comfort of your home and private spaces.

For an invigorating bath, do add the Spider Lily bath salts into your warm bathing water. The salt and epsom helps to release tension and relaxes tighten muscles. Once you completed your bath, lather the Spider Lily body polish all over for dramatically soothing and smooth skin. The grapefruit peel and avocado content helps to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Last but not least, end the regime with Spider Lily Body Cream for skin-deep conditioning.

To achieve a super nice sleep or in other words, to emulate the breezy tropical atmosphere of the Caribbean, which is Hick's current domain, lit on the Casuarina scented 3-wicks candle and let the aroma of casuarina, orange blossom, palm leaf and a spray of sea salt lingers in the air.

The scent will help you to achieve a good sleep. Use it as part of your party decor because this candle is able to last up to 100 hours. Best of all, India Hicks Island Living body collection does not contain any traces of Paraben preservatives or minerals and safe to be used by the entire family.

The India Hicks Island Living Body and Home Collection is available now at all Crabtree and Evelyn stores worldwide while Island Beauty by Indian Hicks is available at good bookstores and online book retailers.

*Photos courtesy of Crabtree and Evelyn.

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