Sunday, July 22, 2007

Karl Lagerfeld Signed Fragrance Deal With Coty

German fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld is a superior multi-tasker. Not only he is the creative director for Parisian fashion house Chanel, but at the same time, this German also designs for Italian label Fendi as well as his own - Karl Lagerfeld and K by Karl Lagerfeld.

If it wasn't Lagerfeld or more affectionately known to the fashionistas, stylists, editors and writers as the Kaiser, who brought revival to Chanel, the fashion hous
e won't be on the same height as Dior or Valentino today. Thanks to the Kaiser, the strong femininity of Late Gabrielle Coco Chanel remains alive till today through his reinterpretation.

Recently, Coty Fragrances, one of the world's largest fragrance manufacturer announced its strategic licensing alliance to market Karl Lagerfeld signature fragrance line. The deal was sealed between the company and Karl Lagerfeld SAS, represented by its CEO, Fred Gehring.

The partnership is the first for both parties and this will be the first time for both Lagerfeld and Coty to work side-by-side in creating a fragrance line that's signature and exclusive to the German fashion maestro.

"Karl Lagerfeld is one of the, if not the, most influential fashion icon, idol, and trendsetter of the 20th Century, and no doubt his legacy will be idolized by generations to come. His magnetic personality, powerful charisma and undeniably prestigious styles are coveted by celebrities, designers and consumers worldwide," said Bern Beetz, CEO of Coty Inc. "We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work together and to market the signature line of Lagerfeld fragrances."

"We are extremely pleased with our new partnership with Coty Inc.," Gehring states on the partnership. "Karl Lagerfeld and Coty are a winning combination to create and extend the fragrance offerings of the Karl Lagerfeld brand worldwide."

Two years before, Coty was the appointed distributor of Karl Lagerfeld fragrance line for Unilever, the former licensee for Lagerfeld and the company (Coty) plans to continue the distribution of the existing Lagerfeld fragrance line. To date, Coty's portfolio of brands include J.LO by Jennifer Lopez, L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani, Chloe, Chopard and coming soon, Kate Moss.

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