Monday, July 09, 2007

PARIS ... The Heiress Jeans

Are you a Paris Hilton fan? Or better still, Paris Hilton wannabe who wants to be her, dressed like her and trash like her? :D

Well, if you are then rejoice because she is launching her own jeans label called PARIS. The jeans was part of her self-branding expansion after the success of her own fragrance line called Paris Hilton, a one-off jewelry collection for internet merchant and a bag line which she co-designed with sister Nicky for Japanese label Samantha Thavasa that includes dog carrier.

Being a star on her own right, she knew just how the right way to promote and create awareness about her brand-new jeans line by wearing it on the day she was released from her three-weeks jail stint. Since her style is one of the most copied of all the Tinseltown residents, fashion mavens are busy hunting down for the same jeans and when they found out that the jeans was designed by her, they all can't wait.

If you've been away with the fairies, Miss Hilton was jailed for driving under alcohol influence offense as well as violating probation. Her jail sentence got the world media on frenzy and it even eclipsed other most important events around the world such as the Middle East crisis and more.

Okay, enough with the jail sentence, now lets get back to the jeans. The jeans has 28 inseams and three pockets. As we all know, Paris loves bling-bling and to incorporate her taste in everything shining, she added a touch of decorative gold stitching on the derrière and side seams, plus a gold fly button with a single crystal.

At the moment, LA's hip boutique Kitson is the only store that officially carries PARIS jeans and the entire line will be available to the masses by mid-august. I am dare to predict that the jeans might sold out as soon as it officially launched so why don't you ask the good people at Kitson to stash one for you by pre-ordering it on Kitson's online store.

PARIS's ink wash jeans with twisted seams is retailed at $88.00 per pair and orders will be delivered on 16th August 2007.

*Photo courtesy of Paris Hilton

Kitson - 116, N. Robertson Boulevard, Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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