Saturday, August 11, 2007

Taking a Break ... :D

Hi readers,

Shaiful's here and I've an announcement to make. I am going to take some break till September so I can focus on my new job as a fashion writer for Malaysian conceptual lifestyle mag called Oxygen. Yes, the editor-in-chief John proposed the job to me and I happily accept it :o) Right now I am busy catching the deadline and my articles will be out in September issue of the magazine.

The mag is putting a high hope on me to reshape their fashion section and since I've a little expertise in fashion (lol!) why don't I use it for good. At least someone does appreciate my talent and at the same time fulfilling my longtime dream to be in this industry. Therefore I am really, really sorry if you are expecting for updates from me but do come back in September because I will treat you guys to front row seats as the Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Week kick starts.

So, that's all and to Malaysian readers don't forget to get your own issue of Oxygen this September. Your support is truly appreciated and acknowledge. Thank You!


4 fashionistas wrote ...:

Lydia said...

Firstly, congratulations on the new job! I hope you enjoy your new job as a fabulous fashion writer at Oxygen.

I stumbled upon this delightful blog through Google: I was searching for Tod's Pashmy Bags and somehow Google led me to this site.

Anyway I just want to commend you for being so fashion-forward. Although it is my first time on this blog, I couldn't help but keep reading all the juicy and accurate updates in the fashion world. Continue to feed my fashion hunger please :)

Shaiful said...

Hello Lydia ...

Thanks for the compliment. Do visit us this upcoming mid-September as we are going to review the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Front row seat guaranteed :D

mekurukito said...

Come back soon! ;)

Shaiful said...

Of course mekurukito ... :D