Friday, November 23, 2007

Scent of a Diva ... M by Mariah Carey

Since the past few years, celebrities are in the running to double or triple their multi-million (or billion) income by merchandising themselves as a global brand.

While the hip-hoppers chose to dress their hordes of die-hard clotheshorses, some female arti
sts have decided to come out with something subtle to reflect their personal side, and that thing is known as fragrance.

From Dame Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and even Sarah Jessica Parker, celebrities are vying to snap a piece of the fragrance counters and at the same time, one-third of their fans' purses with fragrances filled in fancy decanters to interpret their personality and sense of style. Singer Mariah Carey too could not escape from the fever and came out with her own fragrance, simply known as M by Mariah Carey.

Inspired by the places she have been and childhood memories, these are then blended with her favorite scents that means so much to her. In other words, instead of creating a scent of her own, she also creates something for her fans to treasure. The fragrance represents an overlook to Mariah's excessive and celebrated lifestyle as well as her personality - glamorous, sensual, and always confident.

The M fragrance is concocted by warm marshmallow accord, Gardenia petals, sheer and woody accents of Morroccan amber incense, plus the invigorating Living Tahitian Tiare that makes the heart of the scent.

The fragrance is then bottled in a bottle that features exquisite glass cap in the form of an ethereal butterfly as it rests upon the tip of Tiare flower. Completing the design is the silver roped collar that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Adding the cherry to the top of everything is the provocative ad campaign featuring Mariah skinny dipping in a pool of clear water with heavenly radiating sun as the backdrop. Would the ad campaign make it to our magazine pages? Well, just wait and see.

The ethereal fragrance has been launched in United States, Japan, Australia, Spain and UK in Eau de Parfum, Parfum spray (available to selected retailers) and Moisturizing Body Lotion. If you can't wait no longer for this tempting fragrance to arrive in Malaysia, then log on to and secure one for yourself today.

*Photos courtesy of Rolling Stones and Mariah Carey Beauty

M by Mariah Carey Fragrance Range can be purchased at selected and authorized retailers in Australia, Spain, UK, Japan, and The United States.

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