Saturday, January 26, 2008

Check This Out ... Sze Accessories

A style is incomplete without the bedecking of accessories. Whether it's an icy lariat diamond necklace by Ivanka Trump or mere seashells bracelet that you can easily buy from seaside stalls, accessories are a must to accompany your immaculate looks.

After years of creating her own jewelries, Malaysian accessories designer Sze Yoong launched her own line of accessories and costume jewelries known as Sze Accessories in 2007.

To distinct Sze Accessories with most established costume jewelry and accessories brands in the market, Sze Yoong's creations are considered as masterpieces with utmost thoughts and cares poured into the selecting, designing, and workmanship process, making them desirable to women of all ages and walks of life.

The materials, ranging from high-quality beads, charms, semi-precious stones and a variety of ornaments are carefully selected, hand-picked by Sze Yoong herself and sourced from jewelry suppliers, thrift shops, and flea markets in Australia, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, as well as around Malaysia.

These materials are then fashioned into marvelous pieces i
nfluenced by indigenous and contemporary touch, plus a dash of style and modernity. There are six ranges for you to choose from - Nautical, Eden, Amour, Boudoir, Shoppe, and Christmas. Channeling the spirit of high-seas and luxury cruise liners is the Nautical range, which perfectly syncs with your latest designer Cruise wear collection.

In Eden, whimsical is perfectly blended with nature to create a melange of beautiful organic yet fluid shaped accessories. Dangerously in love? Amour collection of love and romance-filled trinkets is the answer while Boudoir range stands for appealing sexiness and sophistication.

Fancy shopaholics, indulge in the Shoppe collection with arrays of miniature handbags and purses charms, and last but not least, though the Christmas season is over, let the spirit alive with Christmas range ( I love that Rednose reindeer phone charm!).

Our pick? Well, there are too many desirable pieces but I love the Whiting Davies necklace with a miniature crystal-encrusted vintage handbag charm, biblical tale-inspired Jonah gold-plated charm bracelet with Greco-Roman coin and miniature gold-plated whale charms from Nautical collection, and Boudoir's Orchestra of Trinkets brooch.

The stunning pieces mentioned above from Sze Accessories can be purchased directly via Sze Accessories Online Store at or at Secret Garden Boutique in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

*Photos courtesy of Sze Accessories.

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Queenie said...

I am not into accessories. But the anchor is nice.... ohhhhooooo...
People always wonder why I don't like jewelleries. To me, its like not my taste. I am more into a bag, shoes and clothes person. accessories is like the last thing i would buy. ;)