Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look Out For ... Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto is the new fashion designer to look for, and that's what according to, which recently listed Pilotto as one of 10 brilliant young and emerging fashion designers worth discovering.

Austrian born-and-bred, Pilotto left his native Austria to work as a window dresser at Vivienne Westwood store in London before furthering his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium for four years.

While studying in Antwerp, he met his design partner, Libyan-born Christopher de Vos. In 2004, he graduated from the Academy and his graduation cum debut fashion collection "... carried away by a moonlight shadow ..." received rave reviews from fashion critics.

His style, best described as poetic and energetic with a touch of avant-garde and classic perspective of elegance, features disciplined and controlled cuts, masculine shapes (strong shoulders and distinct waists).

Pilotto also applies all sorts of fashion designing aspects - tailoring, textiles, printworks et al - into his works. Spicing it up is the usage of extreme proportion, giving the garments some space and volume.

To date, his surreal works of wearable art have garnered him accolades from Maria Luisa Awards, Flanders Fashion Institute, as well as features on pages of the hallowed fashion trade publication - Womens Wear Daily (WWD) and avant-garde fashion magazines around the world such as Dazed and Confused, I.D, Belgian Elle, A-Magazine, Achtung, and Nylon, just to list a few.

For spring/summer 2008, Pilotto continued with his 'moonlight shadow' theme that propelled him to fame. Grey and white dominates the collection with splats of orange, blue, and lots of graphic futuristic prints.

Jackets are symmetrically cut to the right proportions with rounded lapels, exuding a soft touch of femininity, while shift dresses come with voluminous above-the-knee skirts. Pilotto also includes a touch of Japanese paper folding technique (Origami) on one of the dresses (blue shift with folded bust).

Simplicity comes in the form of a bright orange basic shift with creased skirt while printed body suits should be one of Pilotto's spring/summer 2008 must haves.

Accentuating the suits' beauty are shiny black fitted jackets with rounded lapels that can also be matched with a matching mini tulip skirt or any dresses or tops for evening.

And if you are into tutu skirts, then Pilotto's whimsical version of tutu - black and fabricated from fabric rings should make its way into your wardrobe this season.

Peter Pilloto's spring/summer 2008 collection is available now at selected multi-brand retailers. In Far East region, Peter Pilotto collection is carried by Shine Boutique, Hong Kong.

*Photos courtesy of Peter Pilotto.

Peter Pilotto Studio - 1-5, Vyner Street, London, e2 9dg, United Kingdom.

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Nana said...

hi just found your blog.. I am having this huge debate with my sister about Aigner. She said that the Aigner store in Malaysia told her that they are not Etienne Aigner and that Etienne Aginer is a copy version. They also state that there is a difference in the logo. Is this true???? or is it just a marketing gimmick??? how is it that I cant seem to find any Aigner website AT ALL??? hmmm ... Tipu kot!

Shaiful said...

Hi Nana ... thanks for the visit
Well, actually Aigner and Etienne Aigner are the same, no copy.

Beza dia cuma kat Asia and Europe, diorang panggil Aigner while in Americas, it's Etienne Aigner.

Aigner website is

I hope that solves your problem :D

Nana said...

Haha .. I thought so! the logo looked the same to me. So they say that the company split! hmm to be honest its all just marketing gimmick!

Thanks for the info :D cool blog btw!

Shaiful said...

Thanks Nana :D
Please come again soon ... :o)