Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Busy Week ...

Hello fashionistas,

Sorry for not posting any new news since last week. I've been so busy attending STYLO 08, a pre-F1 fashion festival. The event was a nice one, complete with a marquee tent, giving us Malaysian fashion fans (and victims) a chance to feel how it is like being under the marquee at top Fashion Weeks around the world, namely Paris, Milan, and New York.

Since it's pre-opening show starting with Versace's full collection trunk show, fgashionistas from all over the country and I guess a handful from our neighboring countries were here on nightly basis not just to be seated at the front row and watch models parading their stuff down the runway but actually to celebrate fashion in the glorious way one can imagine.

So far, British India, Versace, and Ben de Lisi were the best shows I've ever seen and I am hoping that STYLO will bring in more exciting international labels in the coming years. I also heard that Singapore wants a STYLO too and that's a good thing!

And tonight is the MODA show which showcases more than 10 local designers including my dear friend Amir Luqman and yes, once again, have to whisked off myself to the Pavilion to show my support for Amir and the rest of other participating Malaysian designers. So, I shall be back in the blogging arena once the shows are over ... phew! Bye!!!


2 fashionistas wrote ...:

Nana said...

I have heard alot about this pavillion ... TENSION OK! when I was in KL it was not opened yet! dayyumm! oh well.. maybe when I get back I'll have a new place to hang out! sounds like a real Happening Place!

The STYLO event .. is it a local event or international??

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

cool kan stylo..