Monday, April 07, 2008

Discover ... Colenimo by Aya Nakagawa

Hear ye fashionistas, if you are in the mood of experimenting with new styles and looks this forthcoming fall/winter, than do so by looking no further to Colenimo.

An up and rising fashionable label from London, Colenimo was founded by London-based Japanese fashion designer Aya Nakagawa.

Hailing from Tokyo, an Asian metropolis known for its spectacular fashion scene, Nakagawa was a graduate from Tokyo Mode Fashion University.

After spending eight years working with Ambidex, a multi-brand fashion conglomerate as production manager and chief designer, she then moved to London in 2004, where she worked for Japanese brand Fig London, and followed by the assistant post at renowned label Rubecksen Yamanaka (founded by designers Hilde Rubecksen and Tomoko Yamanaka).

Combining masculine silhouettes with womanly detailing, the melange has frutifully produced a new feminine fashion aesthetic that's unique and exclusive to Colenimo.

For the forthcoming fa
ll/winter, Nakagawa escaped from the recurring fashion silhouettes of the past, which occurs within the adult fashion world. Instead, she made a trib back to the post-World War (1950's) and took references from how British boys and girls of the period dressed up, hence the collection's fancy title - Teddy Girls.

Bold and uniquely fancy, the collection plays with soft silhouettes and strongly suggests a sense of independence, self-expression, and admiration.

Vintage Shetland wool is the main material used to create the classic ponchos and jackets - seasonal essentials that provides both warmth and comfort, while tulle tutu skirt with cropped jacket and white blouse, as well as two-piece trench in navy blue are the must-have keypieces from the capsule collection.

Other must haves that you shouldn't miss from this collection are plaid blouses (remember how Madonna used to love them and wore them throughout her Music period), oversized white blouse with triangular black-piping sailor collars, as well as the smart slim tailored pants.

Colenimo's fall/winter 2008-09 collection will be available exclusively to Charles Rowan Studio, London.

*Photos courtesy of Colenimo.

Colenimo -
61 Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN

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