Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hi all ...

It's been quite a busy month for me again :D

I've been restless since the past few weeks due to a string of events taking place around town. At the same time, I am also working on June issue, which is all about environment and fashion with conscience.

Though I did miss quite a number of events, including the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2008 ready-to-wear show at KL's Chinese Assembly Hall and CRES Wellness Spa opening at Gardens, there are still more to come and I'm like drowning in a sea of invitations, well literally and that's the perk of being within the industry.

Talking about Marc Jacobs, I was a little shocked when I passed by their refurbished store at KLCC last week. It looked quite smaller and what's missing from the store is the ready-to-wear collection. Present are the must have bags and accessories. Though I don't know what the reason may be, it's sister line Marc by Marc Jacobs is doing so well here and am glad to know that.

So my darlings, I will try to do my best to feed you with all the must haves and what's happening around the fashion world as possible as I can and I will unveil a number of new and aspiring designers that even Vogue has yet to discover soon. So, do watch out!


2 fashionistas wrote ...:

Anonymous said...

hello there! are marc's begs very expensive in Malaysia??? just wondering ..! Is there any Gucci store in Malaysia??


FashionG said...

Hi fashionistas,

Environmentally conscious fashion, sounds good to me, can you tell me more about it??

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