Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Buzzing ... The Gossip Girl

My encounter with the Gossip Girl began a few years ago. Like my old days favorites - Sweet Valley High and Fear Street, Gossip Girl is just another teen novel series imported from the good ol' United States.

If Sweet Valley High series was all about life in hig
h school that's sugary sweet and too-good-to-be true, then one cane expect Gossip Girl to be its contrary.

Written by Cecily von Zieges
ar, the series revolves around the lives of six well-heeled and sophisticated teenagers hailing from the Upper East Side of the Manhattan, a fabulous residential area where the upper crust and old money families are known to lived.

So what do these girls do? Join the school's cheerleading squad? Hang out at local cafe and flipped burgers at diners after school? No, darling. These privilege teens or spoiled brats know their Manolos and Guccis better than algebra or social studies. Studying in a single-sex private school, the teens lived a life that's totally not an ideal teenage life - booze, drugs, and lots of gossips.

To add some zing, their lives are watched over by a mysterious blogger called Gossip Girl (narrated by Kirstin Bell).

Nobody knows who she is and the best part is, everyone in their exclusive circle relies on whatever this Gossip Girl posted on her blog, starting from the return of its main character - it girl Serena van der Woodsen's (portrayed by Blake Lively) return from her self-imposed exile back to the glitzy lights of Manhattan.

During Serena's absence from Manhattan's teen party scene, her friend Blair Waldorf (portrayed by Leighton Meester) basked in the limelight that used to be hers but after her mysterious reappearance, Blair could sense that she will lose the privilege she had while she was away in a boarding school and again, return to where she was before - living underneath the shadow of her friend.

At the same time, both Serena and Blair are fighting to get Nate Archibald's (portrayed by Chace Crawford) attention and love, thus spawning some tensions between the girls and some loyalty issues as well. Of course, in the high-end world of elites, there's always be a bunch of middle class kids who will try hard to get into the clique, and lots of hidden past kept by Serena's mother Lily (portrayed by Kelly Rutherford).

But there's another reason why fashionistas will be religiously watching the series. It's all about the fashion baby! Oh dear, what's a Upper East Side life without all that luxury shopping, clubbing, and stuff. In my teenage days, the usual things you will sport in teenage TV shows are jeans, tees, tank tops, and all that usual teen stuff by teen and youth-oriented brands like Nike, Guess?, Quiksilver, and sometimes, Stussy.

But for Gossip Girl, expect something out of this world. What you may see on the characters can be best described as the teenage reincarnation of Carrie Bradshaw and co.

Expect to see Blair and Serena toting Tod's it bags instead of typical teen knapsacks and walked down the Manhattan streets in heels by (probably) Louboutin, Choos, and Blahniks.

For example, in the first episode, Serena sported a sequined tunic by Tory Burch and totes a Coach legacy leather satchel with price tags that's impossible from a common teenager to afford unless if your last name is Trump.

In the second episode, Blair wore a Nine West pumps while Chuck wore a Ralph Lauren robe and the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Best of all, you can always find them here if you wish to emulate their styles my dears!

So boys and girls, don't forget to catch the pilot episode of Gossip Girl, debuting this Wednesday, 10.30 p.m. at 8TV.

*Photos courtesy of The CWTv

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