Tuesday, April 01, 2008

People are talking about ... Sex and the City The Movie

The world is talking and patiently anticipating. After ending its last episode four years ago, leaving fans in pools of tears, cult series Sex and the City (SATC) is back but with a twist ... they're heading for the silver screen!

Oh, I still remember those good old days when Sex and the City series were aired on the TV screen. Contrary to what we have thought, SATC successfully reached Malaysian TV households despite of its cheeky title and the nature of the series - sex, love, and ... yeah, sex. I was 15 when the series first shown on HBO s
o I missed quite the first three seasons. Only after I turned 18, I instantly devoted myself to the series.

Love stories and sex escapade aside, it was no other than the on-screen fashion parade that caught my attention and led to my conversion into one of SATC die-hards.

Be it Carrie, Charlottte, Samantha, or Miranda, I bet most women around the world would envy these girls for having a wardrobe filled with immense choices of designer clothes, shoes, and bags. But of course, it's always Carrie's wardrobe that seduces me the most.

To say it in my own words, Carrie's wardrobe may not look like what Sarah Jessica Parker had in her real life (probably a room that is as big as a Chanel boutique or something) but it got everything inside it.

Balenciaga? Check. John Galliano newspaper print cowl dress for Dior? Check. Chanel dress with oversized flower brooch worn as headpiece during baby Brady's christening? Check. It bags? Check. Lines of Manolos, Louboutins, and Choos? Also checked.

And the best part is - whatever she wears, it'll turn into a fashion must have and ladies around the world would scramble to the nearest Prada or Gucci to get whatever they saw clinging to her petite but svelte body.

The same goes to the other girls - Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Did you know that Birkin orders soared after it was featured in one of the SATC episodes, where it was one of Samantha's craving. Too bad the wait list was long and that prompted her to use Lucy Liu's name just to cut the line.

Now lets move to the movie. Touted as one of the must watch movies of the year, Sex and the City Movie is no less different than the serial version.

In the movie, Carrie is now a successful author with her own assistant Louise (played by Jennifer Hudson), Charlotte lives the life she always dreamed of - a good husband and an adopted daughter whom she loves so much, while Miranda too is happy with her life.

But there's something awkward about this movie. Samantha has shifted to Los Angeles with her live-in boyfriend Jarod Smith and of course, Samantha is always Samantha - SATC's pragmatic resident whore that we all loved.

So Carrie is no longer looking for love since they have made it official while in Paris (remember "An American Girl in Paris - Part Une and Deux"?) and is going to get married but as usual, there's always twists here and there that makes me wondering "what will happen next?"

And dear, always look forward to the eclectic fashion offerings that will make you green with envy, probably greener than the Hulk.

Amidst the liberal flow of Cosmopolitan, spotted in the movie are Prada bags, lots of Manolos, Chanel fine jewelries, Diane Von Furstenberg printed dresses, and lots and lots of vintage pieces, thanks to the superb stylist Patricia Field.

Oops, looks like I already have my eyes on Carrie's vintage Eiffel Tower bag and please, don't expect to see a sight of Bitten by SJP in this movie. Anyway, here's the common question that we all got in our mind - "Will Carrie marry the love of her life - Mr. Big?" Well ladies, let's just cross our fingers, go to the cinemas, and see for ourselves if she gets married in the end or not.

Sex and the City the Movie will hit cinemas in Malaysia by July 2008 while the movie will be debuted in the US on May 30th 2008.

*Photos by Yahoo! Movies.

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