Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Froggy Baggin'

It has been almost a week without rain. For seven nights straight, I heard not a single frog croaking in my lawns.

Moreover, none were seen 'meditating' on those green water lilies leaves buoying on the surface of my fishpond. Hmm, there's something fishy going on, I thought.

With a deep curiosity lingering in my head, I began solving this mystery and find out the whereabouts of our frogs. A week later, I finally found them. To my amazement, my dearly beloved frogs have been cursed into stone-cold gilded frogs complete with gemstones for their eyes.

Instead of squatting on the glossy surface of our water lily leaves, the frogs were seen calmly meditating on the top of leather pochettes. Now guess who did it and where
did we found them? Well, it was the fashion wizard Marc Jacobs who did it and where else could I found them other than the Marc Jacobs boutique!

Created by the newly-buffed fashion whiz Marc Jacobs as a part of his spring/summer 2008 accessories lineup for the main line, the pochette, or famously known by its scientific name - rana evening pochette (science-wise, rana is a scientific name for common frogs if you don't know), has made the fashion world talking and Marc Jacobs' fans craving.

Made out of plush yet exotic kangaroo leather, the pochette's lethal attraction is no other than the gilded frog, which perched on the bag in total silence with a pair of gleaming gemstone eyes. Adding a touch of femininity and luxury are the pleats that present on the bag, as well as the unique and soft-knotted handles.

So charming and enticing the evening pochette is, it even made the legendary Mrs. David Beckham and Marc Jacobs' current spokesperson Victoria want to kissed it and embraced it with all her love in this world, just as seen in the ad campaign that was shot by renowned photographer Juergen Teller.

Although the scientific name itself may suggests that the bag should be best used in the evening, honey, who would give a damn about it? If you dare to make bold fashion statement this season, then go on, tote the bag and make your style the ultimate talk of the town. In other words, besides beating off Paris Hilton from her trendsetter throne, you even got yourself a pet frog to adore. Trés chic!

Now ladies, start showing some love to the croaking ones with Rana evening pochette from Marc Jacobs. Available in four shades - black, acid tangerine, fluorescent pink, and acid yellow, the rana evening pochette retails at US$795.00 and is available now at, all Marc Jacobs boutiques, selected fine departmental stores, and multi-brand boutiques globally.

*Photos by and Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs - Ground Floor, Ramlee Mall, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088, Kuala Lumpur.

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