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Cashmere Mafia Takes NTV7 With Style

Ever since the departure of fashion-forward chic TV show Sex and the City from our TV screens, a handful of SATC-inspired or in the harshest way one could bravely say – imitators – shows have been sprouting up on TV these days.

If we discount Ugly Betty from the list, then there should be three remaining shows that fully or per
haps, partially emulate the show – the not so U rated Gossip Girl, Candace Bushnell’s second TV adaptation child Lipstick Jungle, and Cashmere Mafia. Now here’s news for you chic TV series addicts out there – ABC’s Cashmere Mafia is coming to Malaysian TV screens soon.

Created by Kevin Wade with Sex and the City’s Darren Star as one of its exec producer, the sassy chic Cashmere Mafia is no more or less than Sex and the City or Lipstick Jungle – four women in their 30s or 40s living in the ultra chic Manhattan with great high-flying career, all genuine designers’ clotheshorse. But as usual, each has those almost typical high and low dramas in their life.

Done with the intro, let’s meet the four main characters that lead the storyline. First we got Mia Mason. Played by actress Lucy Liu, Mia Mason is publisher at the fictitious Barnstead Media. Purely ambitious and career-driven, Mia will do anything to achieve what she wants no matter what it takes. Moreover, Mia is the first Asian character to lead a hip US TV show.

Next is Juliet Draper, played by Miranda Otto. A woman who plays game at any level, the Chief Operating Officer of Stanton Hall, a luxury hotel chain is famous for her strong predilections on refined things in life, which includes a closet full of designer clothes, handbags, and shoes. She is also known for being able to keep things right on track, thanks to her hard work and play.

Now, meet the third lady in the row, Zoe Burden. Portrayed by Frances O’Connor, Zoe is akin to Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives. A business exec that handles million-dollar investment deals, at work Zoe does it all in poise and style, thus explains why she’s able to be on top. But at home, she is just another mom who tries to find balance between work and life.

Last but not least, high maintenance Caitlin Dowd, portrayed by Bonnie Somerville. Always a hard earner, Caitlin heads the marketing division of fictitious cosmetic giant Lily Parish.

According to her character bio, she even found beauty in unlikely places and even a snowman could not avoid her take! Like her other girl pals, Caitlin is also madly driven by designer garbs.

Besides the story line that goes like this: four ambitious women who are also former college mates living the Upper East Side life try to find stability between their glamorous life demanding career by building their own version of “boys club” (hence the name Cashmere Mafia), the other factor that will make us glued and talked about it the next day is no other than fashion.

Boy oh boy, with Darren Star as one of the producers, I bet fashion would never be left behind.

Like every women’s TV show of our days, which is today, fashion has become a commodity that drives the series up to the peak of its success. Of course, with four different roles come four different sets of wardrobes, smartly built by costume designer, Wendy Stefanelli.

“I try to avoid trends. I think what looks best are silhouettes that fit and colours that suit the individuals,” says Stefanelli. “When I shop for the ladies on the show, I look for interesting pieces that will flatter them, not for the latest ‘trend’.”

Since the series was aired in the US last January, what you are going to see on the TV are a set of fresh spring/summer 2008 wardrobe culled from Milan, Paris, London, as well as New York runways. For example, in the first episode, Mia sported vintage Valentino top with silk bodice and sheer sleeves while in 5th episode, Caitlin wore a teal Geren Ford long sleeved blouse.

And never try to miss the bags and shoes as well as they are really to die for.

There’s one bag by Valentino that is richly adorned with pearls and gems, an ultimate fashion investment that was toted by Mia; the classic and inevitable Interciatto woven leather bags by Bottega Veneta sported by Juliet; pewter open toe heels with horsebit by Gucci as seen on Zoe; and so much more.

So ladies, get ready to brace yourself for an exciting Cashmere Mafia experience on NTV7, starting Saturday, 23rd August 2008 at 10.45 p.m. I feel good!

*Photos by ABC.com

2 fashionistas wrote ...:

Anonymous said...

i just watched 3 episodes of CM and im so hooked on it.

(dont ask me where i got them from :p)

their wardrobes are to die for!
i especially love mia's.


too bad there are only 7 eps of this cool show.

khushi said...

Cashmere Mafia is an American television dramedy which ran on ABC from January 6, 2008 to February 20, 2008. The series was created by Kevin Wade, who also served as executive producer alongside Darren Star, Gail Katz, Jeff Rake and Michael Pressman, with Susie Fitzgerald co-executive producing. Peyton Reed directed the pilot.