Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey all ...

First of all, am really sorry for not updating the blog since the past few weeks. The reason is because I am in the midst of juggling with my writing and of course, attending that heaps of events.

Talking about events, I was recently invited to this great society birthday soiree by my friend cum reader Judith Leow at Coach KLCC. Elegant is the word and everyone at the event seemed not only enjoying the soiree with lots of great food and a dashing violinist by the name of Dennis Lau enchanted me and the guests with his beautiful violin serenade. But of course, the belle of the evening was no other than the birthday girl herself Judith, in a beautiful printed long dress. Like what Karl Lagerfeld would always say, "Trés chic!"

Now, after almost a year making special apperances at all sorts of events, most particularly the high society events, I think it is the time for me to organize my own. At the moment, I am busy pondering what sort of event should I throw for you, my dear readers as a way to thank your support all these years. There are so many event ideas running in my mind at the moment and I am totally spoilt by choices. Anyway, just keep your fingers crossed and I will let you know when and where the party at soon :D

Events aside now boys and girls, I am more than happy to tell you that there will be more super-exclusive interviews coming this way (perhaps in Malaysia and entire Asia), plus lots of reviews on the upcoming spring/summer 2009 collection that will be previewed to the chic masses in New York starting this Wednesday. Oh dear, I wonder what would be in stores next year. Are those old leggings and 60's silhouettes or Lauren Hutton-inspired pantsuits remains the world's fashion mainstay? Well, if yes is the answer then the fashion world has been officially struck by fashion famine.

So, that's it for now and blogging will resume once the New York Fashion Week kickstarts. Until then, lots of love and kisses from me, your dearest fashion and shopping bloggers. Muwaaaahhhhh!!!!


3 fashionistas wrote ...:

Nana said...

OOoOOoOoO I am totally envious of you and your social calender! hehe!

Sigh! too bad I am so far away .. if not I would really love to attend your party :D

Nana said...


can you email me? I have some news but I dont want it to be published and on the web :D

kate jean said...

darling we are ADDICTED to you and your luscious blog!